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  1. kokokoko

    PLS...HELP! ILLinois Eligibility

    yes, you can apply online via continental testing. the one above is saying that if you have a license from a different US state, don't apply in CTS, but use the endorsement form in IL professional regulations website. if you have more questions, use the search function or better yet, read this thread click here.. it is very useful..
  2. kokokoko

    PLS...HELP! ILLinois Eligibility

    http://www.idfpr.com/dpr/WHO/nurs.asp go there and download the application packet for international nurses, and oh, please read it very carefully because it can be confusing.. read this as well, https://allnurses.com/forums/f75/ms-suzanne-anyone-who-applying-illinois-pls-help-155888.html if you have more questions, use the search function..
  3. kokokoko

    PLS...HELP! ILLinois Eligibility

    No, Pearson won't ask for a proof of your eligibility. From what I know, they are the ones who would contact CTS if you are eligible. Hence, after Pearson confirms to CTS that you are eligible, then they will send you your ATT. Here's how it works.. --you have 3 years (from the date CTS receives your application) to complete your IL Licensure. which means, within 3 years, you have to take and pass your NCLEX. --The eligibility letter, CTS will send you that letter if you completed all their requirements (CES, Toefl--if needed, Fingerprint card etc) and found eligible. The letter has has no "expiration" (compared to let's say California, their eligibility letter is valid for a year) BUT you have to remember that your whole application for IL is valid only for 3 years. ---If you are now eligible, you can now register to pearson vue. Then, they will send you your ATT. your ATT is valid only for 90 days.. My advice for you, don't register yet for pearson vue if you are not yet ready to take the NCLEX 90 days from now so they won't send you your ATT. Do you get me? but of course, don't take too long as well since as I've said the whole application process (taking and Passing the test) lasts for 3 years only.
  4. kokokoko

    Nursing in Australia

    the tuition for the bridging course for sydney is AU $10,000 already. As of June 2008
  5. kokokoko

    Continental Testing site says incomplete for licesure

    no, you check your result at http://www.pearsonvue.com/nclex usually it takes them 48 hours to have your result. when you log-in in your account in pearson, it will show that the results are available already, you have to pay $7 (not so sure) to view the results though.
  6. I think it was just a lapse in the instructions when they said that you should send the CT-nur form together with the application. You give the Ct-nur form to PRC. they know what to do with it. It is The Ed-nur form that you have to send together with your application. Just wait for your fcard to arrive, no need to hurry since you already have your CES with you.
  7. I am seriously confuse with your posts... I suggest that you read this thread over and over so some of your questions would be answered. Another, when you say apply for NCLEX, you mean apply in CTS? tsk tsk Here's what I did. 1.) I applied first for CES and completed all their requirements. It took them two months in my case to issue a report. 2.) When I had my report, I went to PRC, I gave them the CT-Nur form, they are the one who would be sending that form to CTS. 3.) I already have my Fingerprint card by then so I sent it to IBT. I had Ibt forward the receipt straight to CTS instead of them sending it to me. 4.) Then, I fixed my application forms too, (App form, Ed-nur form, FP nur forms) and sent them to CTS. Don't worry, CTS will inform you that they received your documents and they will tell you also what documents you lack.
  8. just put black.. yes you should include the FP-NUR form together with your application form. Besides from reading over and over again the application packet, I suggest that you read this Illinois thread even though it's too long because it will help you fill up your application forms or better yet use the search function. back reading is a virtue!
  9. hmm.. question, let's say the license expired already... can you still use that for endorsement or reciprocity? I want to apply in NY but since my CVS won't be done by May can I still use my NCLEX score or do I need to take it again?
  10. kokokoko

    Does Illinois eligibility expire?

    there is no written expiration for IL eligibility so she can register to pearson whenever your friend is ready to take the NCLEX. BUT, you have to remember also that the whole application to IL is valid only for 3 years. Conditions of Application--Applicants have three years from the date of the Department's receipt of the application to complete the application process including passage of examination. If the process has not been completed in three years, the application shall be denied, the fee forfeited, and the applicant must reapply and meet the requirements in effect at the time of application. hope that clears everything!
  11. CTS will mail you telling that they have received your documents.. they will also tell you if you still lack documents... I suggest that you wait first for your eligibility letter before you register for pearson.
  12. kokokoko

    requirements of a foreign nurese?

    anyone here who went through the bridging program? how was it? can anyone share their experience.. I'm willing to pay for my tuition and stuff but i want to know how the process goes and other infos like besides the tuition fees, there are other fees as well.. the school, the environment etc.. anyone?
  13. kokokoko

    planning to move to canada ... part II

    thanks dopey&dopier, I guess it's a case to case basis.. I hope I wouldn't have a problem considering I came from a good nursing school but since I only have 10 years of gradeschool and HS (and there's nothing I can do about that) hope it will still be ok... oh well... how about your immigration? what did you process first? your visa or your CNO registration?