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I attended the seminar of this Consultancy last March 13. A friend of mine just texted me about the seminar. As much as I liked the idea that the Consultancy presented, I am kind of skeptical about this Consultancy. I also have... Read More

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    I just like to comment on this topic because I'm very much interested in going to australia.. DO us nurses need work experience to be able to apply for this student program? I have zero experience and I want to try my luck down under..

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    Quote from sally22
    Dear LibraRN,

    The process is simple, you take your documents including degree, TOR inc hrs per subject, birth cert, Passport if you have, PRC orig registration certificate, current registration license, Marriage certificate if married or proof of change of name and if you have worked you will need a properly worded reference from the employer.

    You wil need IELTS band of 7 with 7 for writing and speaking and 6.5 min for listening and reading. (one option requires 7 in all elements)

    Docs are submitted by ASNC to the nursing council who gives permission to prove your competency (this is the bridging course), then there are a few options.

    The best is the fast track which involves a test in Manila/Davao/Cebu and a second test in Australia after passing the first. both are one day tests. If you do not pass every module on the tests (there are 4) you study the failed modules online form home in the Philippines (no cost of accommodation etc in Aus). This is great for us Filipinos.

    Prices quoted include assessment, test fees, air fare one way, 4 weeks accom, airport pick up, 3 months health insurance, opening bank accounts, applying for TFN(like TIN in Phil), review material for the tests, all you need to do is to go to their office and they will give you the details and prices. The prices commence arround AUD $8500 including all the abve but not the study modules.

    Good luck and hope to see you in Australia too.
    hi there! can you give me their office address? do they have an office in baguio city?
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    to answer a few questions.

    for the program I am using you do not need experience, for all the others you do. This is one reason why I chose this one and it is suitable for many more nurses. Experience is also ok this way as it does save money and time.

    Material is supplied for review once you apply.

    to Uh_huh

    Most of the study is done in the Philippines, online (internet study or tests one in Phils and one in Aus - the clinical) only the clinical is done in Australia. Yes you are enrolled in a university for the course but because it is a short course it does not qualify for a visa that allows you to work until you are registered. This takes 4-6 weeks from arrival. You need to be able to support yourself for this period and the consultancy I use provides accommodation and food during the first period until registration.

    Again they provided a mass of study material and I did not need to do any research.

    good luck to all Australia looks very good now for me
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    Study modules are conducted by a university but because they are online you do not do them in Australia. your clinical module is in Australia and you cannot work until you are registered.

    Review material is provided for preparation for the tests, it is only if you do not pass a module on the test then you need to take the study module and all relevant material for your studies are provided by the university.
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    no experience needed this way, other options are offered with experience but this one is still the best with or without experience.

    See You in Aus
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    Just giving a friendly reminder that posting contact information is strongly discouraged per Terms of Service. Thank you for understanding.
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    1 Australian dollar = 43.2166399 Philippine pesos

    $8500 * 43 = Php 365,500

    That is a huge amount of money for a one shot deal. Better pass those exams. It cannot be taken for granted. I would like for those who are in the process to update this post. An agency can only proven or reliable if one actually has been able to go there successfully.
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    sally22, i've sent you a pm! thanks!
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    oops sorry about the posting of contact information, just followed what I saw others doing. Very new at this forum.

    Also for gemini_star, yes this is a lot in pesos and unfortunately it is not for everyone but for those who can afford it will save you at least this amount and more compared to the other options and Bridging courses. Better study hard and do well, but another way of looking at it is the lost income for every month you are not overseas, it is between 4-5000 dollars. That is a lot to lose and I am looking forward to earning soon.

    It will not be long now.
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    Almost DONE with the Registration process---Thanks ASNC
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