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"Ain't Nobody Got Time for the Drip": The Art of the Teenage/Young Adult Wellness Exam

All too often safe sex practices, drug and alcohol consumption are not mentioned during a... Read More

The Importance of Balance

I spent my winter in hibernation mode. After another couple of weeks rolled by, I realized... Read More

Sexting: A Trending Risky Behavior For Young Adults

Sexting was never a concern when our parents were young adults. Today though, through advances in... Read More

After eleven years as a nurse I was reminded why I became one

by cinlou

An exemplar from 1989 that I had written immediately after the experience. I have never shared this... Read More

Flight Nursing: Behind the fancy helicopter

You are transporting a patient whose only hope is you and your team. Your limited space, the weight... Read More

Hospice: A naive, first-year nurse's perspective

In nursing school, the importance of learning countless medications and techniques was always... Read More

Is Volunteering "Worth It"?

Here on allnurses, I've seen others ask whether volunteering is “worth it”. Well it depends. Allow... Read More

Accusing Hospice

Accusing Hospice is a story about an encounter between a hospice nurse and a family dealing with... Read More

Healing Hands Together: When All Else Fails

Integrative healthcare treats patients totally; mind, body, and spirit. It fosters relaxation which... Read More

Biofilm: Undercover Assassin

There is a new killer in town known as biofilm. In this article, we will explore what it is, where... Read More

Reliving My Passion

As a child, my interest with healthcare was obvious. Life somehow takes a series of steps which lead you far away from your passion. Then, the very... Read More

Nurses: You’ve Been LIED to about your Back and Body Mechanics

Lift with your knees and not your back has been drilled into nurses as often as patient safety comes first. Just follow these body mechanics rules,... Read More

Small Gifts

Over the years patients and families have given me many small gifts, something that I never anticipated when I became a nurse, and certainly not... Read More

Nurses, It’s Time: Find a Happy Place Amidst Chaos

As a nurse, there’s always an opportunity for.. you know.. “One of THOSE days.” After my first medical/surgical job, I realized that chaos is as... Read More

Lyme Disease in Camp Nursing Practice

As nurses practicing in a rural environment with extensive outdoor programming, we are in locations that are often endemic with lyme. Camp nurses are... Read More

Stepping up the mental health discussion

Nursing as a profession is unique in its ability to step up and help facilitate the mental health reform. As a society and nursing profession we need... Read More

Hesi Advice/My Experiences

Taking the HESI-A2 is usually one of the first steps into nursing school or clinical. For me, it was both a nerve-wracking and enlightening... Read More

She Was Waiting for an Angel to Guide Her: A Compassionate Nurse

This article is about my experience with the hospice nurse that cared for my mother during her final hours with us. The compassion that this nurse... Read More

Why Nursing?

by Erufot

This is my story on how I chose the wonderful profession of nursing. My decision to pursue nursing took a bachelor's degree in another field and life... Read More

School nurses making a positive impact on their community

School nurses make an impact in a variety of place in their community. In their building (or buildings) with the students they serve, as well as the... Read More

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