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I Completed a Non-Accredited Nursing Program, But Want Higher Education. Help!

By TheCommuter - A handful of individuals may have read the title of this piece and probably thought to themselves, "How could anyone graduate from an unaccredited nursing program? Are these graduates even able to get a nursing license?" I will answer both questions. First of all, many nurses have graduated from non-accredited schools of nursing. When I bring up the word 'unaccredited,' I am referring to the programs that lack national nursing... Read More


Western Governors University (WGU) Readiness Assessment

By TheCommuter - Western Governors University (WGU) is an increasingly popular online school because it offers various features that appeal to adult learners. Some of these appealing features include very affordable tuition, nonprofit status, multiple choices of majors and concentrations, legitimate accreditation, and an innovative competency-based model that facilitates swift degree completion. Since WGU is designed for the adult learner who... Read More


Pink Tolerance

By Ruby Vee - I've always hated pink. My color was RED, my sister's was pink. Then I had breast cancer. The fateful mammogram was two years ago, and I had my oncology visit at the Breast Center this afternoon. When I walked back into my house afterward, I realized that the pen sitting by the telephone is pink -- even has a pink ribbon on the clip. No one else brought that pen into the house -- it was me. The lock that I use when I go to the... Read More


Hero Worship of Nurses: Misplaced

By NurseDirtyBird - Time and time again, I see threads on this site along the lines of, "How could nurses be that way?" It seems many people, the general public, and students especially, believe that nurses are bastions of compassion, love, caring, sugar, spice and everything nice. Nurses are supposed to be infallible care-giving superheroes, called by a higher power to spread goodness, love, fairy dust and medication all over the world, 24/7. Nurses... Read More


Nurses and 12-Hour Shifts - How to Make the Best of Them

By brian - Twelve hour shifts have been gaining popularity with nurses and hospitals for some time now. The 12-hour nursing shift began in the 1970's when it was implemented to retain staff during the national nursing shortage. Twelve- hour shifts allow nurses more time at home, however there are some who are not in favor of working these long hours. If you are a 12-hour shift worker, read about how you can make the most of your long shifts. ... Read More


Centimeters Away From Brain Death

By nursey246 - A normal day as a nurse can include life leaving someone's body. Have you ever stopped to think about that? It's Tuesday, you're pulling your scrubs over your head and putting your badge on.. and little do you know, in 4 hours you'll be the last person someone sees before they are ushered into the afterlife. And that's just Tuesday. The things we do on a daily basis still astound me, 4 years into my career. I can't believe I get to... Read More


Resentment Will Destroy You

By TheCommuter - Resentment is the strong, indignant feeling of pointed animosity we experience when we believe a person or group has wronged us in some way. Although resentment is a common emotional state, it is definitely not one of the more fleeting ones. In fact, resentment can seep into our thought processes and persist like a non-healing wound day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, if we donít come to grips with this... Read More


Regaining Perspective: My Path to Emergency Nursing

By Wildcat2009 - Maintaining Perspective San Francisco de la Paz is a small town east of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. During the day it masquerades as a quiet community devoted to religion and agriculture. On good nights, the gunfire is but a soundtrack to adventure; far in the distance like corn kernels burning over an open flame. Other nights, the gunfire is so close that it consumes your every thought and move. The morning after a fight, expelled... Read More


Unemployed New Nurses Would Be Wise To Remember These Equations

By TheCommuter - As a newer nurse (RN or LPN / LVN), you should feel very proud of the milestones that you have worked tirelessly to achieve over the past year. For starters, you have successfully completed a challenging program of study that would perplex the majority of adults in the United States. Moreover, you have passed the NCLEX and attained professional licensure that allows you to lawfully practice as a nurse. After all the hurdles you have... Read More


Great Apps for Great Nurses

By brian - Whether you are tech savvy or not, there is no denying that there are many great nursing apps you can download with just the tap of a screen. In fact, nursing apps are revolutionizing the nursing profession as we know it, and below we have listed a few of our favorites: For Drug Information - Micromedex Drug information This app is a free resource for nurses to search for specific drug information. Micromedex is perfect for a... Read More


Nursing Professional Development / Staff Development Coordinators

By TheCommuter - Members of nursing staff are a significant, if not arguably the most important, human resource employed by modern day health systems since hospitals and other healthcare facilities exist chiefly for the provision of nursing care. In other words, these facilities would cease to exist without staff such as the licensed nurses, nursing assistants and technicians who provide patient care. It is imperative that these members of nursing... Read More


Racial Refusals In Nursing

By TheCommuter - For starters, 'racial refusal' is a term I constructed several years ago to denote the practice of patients and / or family members who refuse care from certain nurses, physicians, aides, techs and other healthcare workers solely because of the caregiver's racial-ethnic background. Racial refusals can be inflicted upon staff members of any race, creed, ethnicity or national origin. Also, patients belonging to any racial-ethnic... Read More


Different Nursing Leadership Styles

By TheCommuter - The manner in which a nurse manager executes leadership over his / her staff has repercussions that can result in far-reaching effects on the operations of a particular healthcare organization. A manager's personal style of leadership has a significant impact on important workplace aspects such as employee attrition, turnover rates, morale, feedback, teamwork and productivity. Nursing leadership styles also influence the perception of... Read More


Mistakes are Inevitable: No one is perfect.

By Ruby Vee - Everyone makes mistakes, absolutely everyone. There is no such thing as a perfect person, and since all nursing students, CNAs, LPNSs, RNs, and providers are human, there are no perfect nursing students, CNAs, nurses or providers. Nursing school doesn't really teach you to be a nurse; it just gives you a glimpse into the world of nursing. The NCLEX merely gives you a license to learn. If you're smart, you will learn something new... Read More


Why I Cannot Sleep

By ReallyRosie - I need to talk about my patient today. My days in the hospital are frequently hard and heartbreaking, but nothing I haven't learned to shake off by the time I walk through my front door. Occasionally, I need a good cry on the drive home, but it's cathartic. I may hear monitor alarms in my sleep, but I don't see my patients. I need to tell you about her twisted body. I need to tell the world about the pressure ulcers that took up... Read More


My beloved nursing students

By Esme12 - To my beloved nursing students. There are many of us here who love helping you. We ask that you show us your work. Show us that you have your critical thinking caps on and are trying to grasp this new way of thinking. Tell us what you think and we will go out of our way to help you. Saying that we will not do your homework is not being mean. Our job is to help you become the best nurse that you can be. We want you to have... Read More


Teamwork: A Recipe for Positive Patient Outcome and Self Satisfaction

By Lourdes FMcD - Like Phil Jackson once quoted, "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team" (Jackson, 2014). How true is this quote, we all have our strengths and weaknesses that blended together with other members of the team can only culminate a synergy. The recipe can only be blended when members of the team are aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses, have high respect for each other, and... Read More


Are you thinking of becoming a nurse educator?

By cls376 - As a child, I learned how to kayak on the Lower Youghiogheny River in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In looking back at my lessons learned in kayaking, I can compare many of these lessons to that of becoming a nurse educator or nurse faculty member. If you are considering a full-time teaching position in nursing, read below for some insights, warnings, and positive outcomes. When I first wanted to kayak, I was only 13 and... Read More