Contacting the IL Board of Nursing: Help Please

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    I am hoping someone can help me obtain contact information for the IL BON. I have many questions for the BON. I understand that nursing is regulated under the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and I have spent countless hours navigating their website in circles. And I know that they have that little option of "email this profession", which is a feature I have not been able to utilize.

    So if anyone has any concrete information on how to contact someone in the nursing aspect of the IL dept of Professional regulations, please respond. Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses would be great! Thank you.

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    Here ya go:

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the effort, but the website is somewhat useless to me as I mentioned above. I asked for a Snail Mail Address and a telephone number. Also, if anyone has any first hand experience interfacing with someone from the BON, please share your experience with me.
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    illinois department of professional regulation
    james r thompson center
    100 w randolph ste 9-300
    chicago il 60601
    phone: 312-814-2715
    fax: 312-814-3145
    illinois department of professional regulation
    320 w. washington st.
    3rd floor
    springfield, il 62786
    phone: 217.782.8556
    fax: 217.782.7645
    directly from the link above...........

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    Smart money would contact the Springfield office. My guess is you may never get a real person out of the Chicago office.
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    If you are looking to just email - it's my experience trying to interface that particular board in the past to help others on this site that THEY prefer more traditional forms of communication - phone or snail.

    The reason you are having difficulty finding an EMAIL addy is that they don't want you to use that form of communication.

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    I actually contacted a real person last week regarding my APN IL license. The gentleman was very knowledgeable and polite. However, it did take a while to get a real person. Good luck.
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    I have been in contact w/ the Chicago office, as trying to get ahold of anyone in Springfield is hard. It may be Renewal Time for some people, so expect waits.

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    All I got for the Springfield office was a busy signal--all day long!
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    Try tomorrow morning first thing - I have recently talked to real people without problems.

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