Advocate System?

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    Can anyone provide me with feedback about working within the Advocate system? I'm looking at Good Shepherd and wanted to know the real scoop.

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    Did you ever hear from anyone privately?
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    I used to walk for Illinois Masonic, and absolutely loved it. I was a cna at the time and worked in the float pool. The people were very nice and I wish I could go back. I quit this job for another and I completely regret it. The benefits are outstanding (the first day of work they begin paying for your tuition for school). You have to pay first, but once you pass the class, they reimburse you.
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    Currently work at a different Advocate site and I also LOVE it. I love the people I work with and I love my tuition reimbursement. I would not leave!
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    I'm also looking for a job in Chicago. I've noticed that they have a lot of job openings. That is usually a bad sign in my experience so I would like to know if they treat their nurses well. How does the tuition reimbursement work and how are the pay and benefits?

    Thanks in advance for the help!!
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    Fas i stated above u need to pass the class before advocatw rwimburses u. U sign up foe classes once u pass, bring your grades to th hr dept. And they they will give u your money back foe classes. The benedmfits are outstanding, ppo bcbs, dental and vision. If you go on their website yoy can read morw about it. Sorry about the horrible typing, im using my phone.
    If you live in chicago id apply to illinois masonic or good shepherd.
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    Quote from CCRNDiva
    I'm also looking for a job in Chicago. I've noticed that they have a lot of job openings.
    That's because they are HUGE!

    28,000 associates

    7,000 nurses

    9 Hospitals, 2 children's hospitals totaling more than 3,500 beds

    They are considered a very good organization to get into.
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    Thanks for the info; it helps put things in perspective. I live in a much smaller area and it is usually a bad sign when a health system has so many openings.
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    Advocate was just named as one of the top workplaces by the Chicago Tribune:

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    You are pretty correct in your assumption about the hospitals that seem to have a lot of openings

    I guess like most networks, there are the great hospitals, and then there are the really poor ones that make you wonder what the heck ?!?! Advocate can't seem to make much headway to bring the poor hospitals up to at least OK. Don't understand why this continues. It is a shame for the nurses trying to make a go of it.

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