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  1. Reese2012

    Nursing school and Statistics

    thanks everyone. No tutors for this class. The only person I can meet with is the professor. I have met with other fellow students before the exam, and no one is doing well in this class. I feel like we are all lost and have no one else to turn to for help.
  2. Does anyone else's school require you to take statistics (for BSN) and label the course as a nursing course? I am so fed up with my class right now. I ace all of the hw assignments, but when it comes to the test, I can not achieve past a 75%. I have met with the professor and he says that I am understanding the material, but when it comes to the test, his notes and everything he went over are not on there. Since this course is a nursing course we need to achieve an 85% or higher to pass. CAn help on where I can go to look up info to pass this class???
  3. this may sound crazy, but is there a way you can cut back on your hours from work so you have more time for school and sleep? If not, try drinking tea or laying in bed around the time your husband goes to bed so it forces you to fall asleep earlier.
  4. Here is the question. Please keep in mind this is the first time doing these and I was never given any advice on how to set these problems up The conversion I have volume/time x drop factor (gtt/ml)= IV flow rate Physician ordered 3 grams of zosyn in 250DW5 to infuse at 100mcg/kg/min IVPD. Patient weights 110kg. At what rate in ml/hr will you set infusion device? The answer I keep on getting is 55,000 which is not an answer to choose. So I think I may need help as I do not know how to start this problem.
  5. Does anyone know if this is allowed in indiana? I tried contacting my school but they said no student has ever tried this. I tried emailing the BON of indiana and loked on their page with no luck. Is it possible to take the nclex-pn exam in illinois if i am a student in indiana? My permanent address is illinois. If i am able to do this, how do i go about filling out the paperwork if i have not graduated from my bsn program as of yet? Thanks for your help!
  6. Reese2012

    working related issue

    thank you for your comment. Everything was resolved and I will be keeping my job.
  7. Reese2012

    working related issue

    To to give you a bit of my background, I have been with this company for over 5yrs, and have never had an issue like this before. I always show up to work on time and cover for others when necessary. I am currently in nursing school out of state and my current employer knows this and have never had an issue until today. Issue: I received a call today from said employer stating that if I do not work 32hr by the end of this month I will have to resign. I asked why I needed to work 32 hrs and they stated it was protocol. I said that I was currently at school finishing a nursing fellowship opportunity and that will be home at the end of the month to work. The employer did not care that I was out of state and repeated that if I did not give 32hrs of work that I will resign at the end of the month. To make matters worse, this was not my manager calling me. I called HR to speak with the recruiter that handles all of the CNA issues and she stated that the person that called me should not have called me about this issue and that I should take it up with my manager of my department. I told her (HR) that while in school I currently work on breaks or when I come home and have been doing this for the past two years. She said that this should not be an issue, and for them to change policy without your knowledge is crazy and uncalled for. I left a message for my manager to call me back. This has made me so upset because I love my job and for this to happen today makes me feel like I mean nothing to my employer. What would you do in my situation? I feel threatened and that they are forcing me to quit my job if I do not work the said hours. The person that called me was very unprofessional and did not care what I had to say. To make matters worse, more than ten people that I used to work with have left this department because of the moral and disrespect they have been receiving the past few months.
  8. I am currently at a nursing school in Indiana and this past semester came home to take a pharm class so I would not pay out of state tuition. Therefore after doing this the school that I took the pharm class from had a different grading scale than my current school. Now my school will not let me come back in to the program because their grading scale is higher than the school I took the pharm class from. Are there any schools in IL that will take a BSN student that is halfway though their nursing career? I was looking to transfer back to Illinois since I am originally from there.
  9. I am currently attending another nursing school and have completed the 100's and 200's level courses. I am unhappy with my school and looking to transfer to chamberlain in Tinley Park. Has anyone ever transferred to this school from another nursing school? Will they accept transfer credit? If you are currrently in the program, do you like the courses and the clinicals, would you recommend this school?
  10. Reese2012

    Chamberlain Chicago Fall 2014 acceptance

    I am thinking of tansferring here from another nursing school. It stated on their website that transfer credits are on an individual basis. Does anyone know if they will accept them? I have completed all 100 level and 200 level courses.
  11. Reese2012

    Doing bad in nursing school?

    The further one you go in the nursing classes the harder the classes get. I am halfway through my program and am barely passing my classes. Its doable, but please do not think that you need an A to pass every class. A C is passing and that is what counts
  12. Reese2012

    St. Elizabeth School of Nursing (Indiana)

    since posting this, the admissions has changed. Starting Fall 2015 they will require TEAS test and compute your test grade with your gpa. Also, they have recently raised the minimum to pass the classes. It used to be a 75% it is now a 80%. I currently go here so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask
  13. is the instructor helpful if you have a question about an assignment?
  14. Reese2012

    ATI pharmacology

    Did not pass ati first time around and everyone at my school, except 3 people, have to retake. Your drug cards did help, but i feel therecwere questions on this test that fid not pertsin to me. Ex titrating drugs, chemo drugs (which i did not learn in pharm)..etc
  15. Reese2012

    ATI pharmacology

    I have been going over your drug cards, thanks again. It just worries me because out of the 100 students that have taken this proctored exam just this week, only 3 people have passed. Im worried that our school did not prep us enough for this exam and we are all doomed.
  16. Reese2012

    Pharmacology Flashcards (drug cards)

    even though these are a few years old, do they help with the ATI proctored exam?