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O hai hospice!

  1. 5 Say hello wo a new hospice nurse.

    I'm really excited. If there is such a thing as a calling this is mine.

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    congrats, sue.
    it's about damned time.

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    Thanks, Leslie. I'm really excited.
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    Welcome! I think you'll love it!
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    congrats sue!

    my hat's off to you hospice nurses.
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    I hope you love it as much as I do!
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    I think I will. I believe in what I'll be doing, I relish the autonomy, which I miss from LTC, and I'll be working with like-minded people.

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    Good for you Sue! I aspire to be a Hospice Nurse also.
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    Congratulations Sue,
    You will make a wonderful Hospice nurse
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    It is a very rewarding field of nursing.
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    Welcome! I just found out yesterday that I just got hired also! So, we get to be new together! I plan on spending a lot of time here learning from the experienced! Congratulations!
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    Mazel tov, gorgenurse!