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As a Registered Nurse, this year marks my 20th year in home health nursing. It has been a wonderful ride and I have met some interesting patients and co-workers along the way. I have worked in the field and in the office. I have... Read More

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    I agree, I have never worked in a hospital setting but did HH for about 8 years, including hospice and private duty. It is very rewarding and I loved it. Got out because of having to go to the bad side of town at dusk repeatedly and had no other way to go any other time. Had the males in the house making inappropriate sexual remarks and decided it wasn't safe anymore, plus lots of drive by shootings at the time back in the 1990's in that area, still loved that one on one pt contact though and would love to go back.
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    Thanks for this posting. Its so inspiring to hear nurses talk about loving their job, and the fact that they (you) are so good at what you do just comes shining through.
    I'm still at uni doing my BN, but I'm working with DADCH HomeCare while I'm studying. I am constantly honored by the priveledges of caring for people in their own homes, by the smiles on their faces when I arrive and by the information they so willingly share. Of course, every job has its challenges, and sometimes one hour in one persons home can feel like an entire night shift in an aged care facility, but still, they are the people who i will want to tell first when i do graduate. As hard as it is at the moment, i know the tough love is preparing me for the years ahead as an RN.
    Its the first job I've ever had where I have total trust in my workmates, and learn more from them everyday. I believe it takes a special kind of person to stick at home health for so long. You seem to have learnt all the secrets.
    Thankyou so much for sharing them.
    I'll be sure to revisit this post after many a difficult day.
    Love your work!!!
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    I am so pleased to receive such wonderful comments. This was my first on-line article and I am happy I took the time to share my expericences. Thank you all.
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    I just passed my NCLEX RN last week and now I'm trying to figure out where to work. I've been a LPN for 15 yrs. My only experience is LTC. I need flexability because I have young children and working at the hospital isn't a good fit especially working 12 hour shifts. I'm more concerned about solidifing my skills. I've always wanted to try Home Care nursing. Is this a good place to start as a new grad? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Great Post! I've spent almost 10 years in the medical field and have survived my first year in HH. I think it's one of the industry's best kept secrets! I feel that all my jobs in the hospital (Peds, Inpt Rehab, OR) have given me skills that I can bring to my patients in the home.
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    Great article! I have been in nursing for 24 years; almost all in acute care. I went into Home Health almost 2 years ago. I find it both challenging & rewarding! I love the fact that my patients have my undivided attention; no call bells, telemetry alarms, telephones ringing non-stop, etc... I'm still working on the time management & organziation thing! A sense of humor is essential!
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    Thank you for all of that helpful information on home health.
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    i have been in home health for about 10yrs,(nursing 30 yrs) last year attempted to return to the hospital setting (why, i dont know). i ran back to home health as soon as i could. the main reason, i didnt have the time in the hospital setting to truly care for my patient(s). its here, take this pill, hang iv's, hang blood, wound care if you are lucky, oops, patient needs to go to ct scan....besides flexiability for home health, you need to be organized/systematic or the paperwork will eat you up....i have worked for agencies that had laptops for their nurses and those that still use the stone/stick will either love home health or return to your former choice of nursing, there is no 'maybe' with home health...i have done home health in texas, washington and is really an eye opener how each state is so different even though all have the same basics..i love rural home health (east texas) where your directions to the patients home includes turn at the road where the rusted tractor is in the days i have wanted to pack it up and leave, then i meet that patient/family who really needs home care, and i know this is where i want to be...good luck to all those who want to do home health, contact me for any questions or concerns, i would love to talk to other home health nurses.
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    Thanks HomeHealth20 for sharing your expertise! I am thinking about entering the HomeHealth arena and would like to know what type of supplies I should keep in my car. Do you have any tips on cost effective purchases for the supplies I will need to keep on hand? Thanks Much!
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    Cute nurse 17.
    I am in HH for about 1 year now. I did ER nursing for 30 years.Had enough of hospitals. I love HH very much.The HH agency I work for set us up with plastic bins with all supplies we needed. Hopefully yours will. Things you need:
    BP cuff, stethascope,thermometer are esential. A sleeve of non sterile 4x4 , paper tape,2x2 . telfa pads (non stick) tegaderm all sizes, ns ,tao, sterile 4x4 ,
    drug book,plastic bins with extra papers that your HH uses.bandage sissors.If possible foams adhesive, hydrocolloid,kerlix.kling.alcohol wipes ,hand sanitizer,lab supplies,foley's . My trunk looks like the stock room in the hospital.But I have it .When I get a call to do something.
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