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  1. jvrpurple

    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    Cute nurse 17. I am in HH for about 1 year now. I did ER nursing for 30 years.Had enough of hospitals. I love HH very much.The HH agency I work for set us up with plastic bins with all supplies we needed. Hopefully yours will. Things you need: BP cuff, stethascope,thermometer are esential. A sleeve of non sterile 4x4 , paper tape,2x2 . telfa pads (non stick) tegaderm all sizes, ns ,tao, sterile 4x4 , drug book,plastic bins with extra papers that your HH uses.bandage sissors.If possible foams adhesive, hydrocolloid,kerlix.kling.alcohol wipes ,hand sanitizer,lab supplies,foley's . My trunk looks like the stock room in the hospital.But I have it .When I get a call to do something.
  2. jvrpurple

    Do you/ did you have a Nurses Cap? Pin?

    Yes I had a nurses cap.It was white about 5" wide with winged ends .Always got caught in the curtains. Haven't a clue where it is today. But I still have my school pin. I worked hard for my Pin . I never wore it for fair of loosing it .
  3. jvrpurple

    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    Thank you for the response . I do love teaching patients and family . I will keep you updated on my home care experience. Once I get out there and apply to agencies.I plan on starting per diem to get a feel. Can I use you as a resouce for your knowledge in home health care
  4. jvrpurple

    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    I enjoyed reading your article . I am an ER nurse 28yrs and have been looking for a drastic change in my career. I have been thinking seriously of home health care. I enjoy being flexible . So all the tips are great . keep them coming. I respent the veterans