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    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    i have been in home health for about 10yrs,(nursing 30 yrs) last year attempted to return to the hospital setting (why, i dont know). i ran back to home health as soon as i could. the main reason, i didnt have the time in the hospital setting to truly care for my patient(s). its here, take this pill, hang iv's, hang blood, wound care if you are lucky, oops, patient needs to go to ct scan....besides flexiability for home health, you need to be organized/systematic or the paperwork will eat you up....i have worked for agencies that had laptops for their nurses and those that still use the stone/stick method.....you will either love home health or return to your former choice of nursing, there is no 'maybe' with home health...i have done home health in texas, washington and arizona...it is really an eye opener how each state is so different even though all have the same basics..i love rural home health (east texas) where your directions to the patients home includes turn at the road where the rusted tractor is in the ditch.....lol....many days i have wanted to pack it up and leave, then i meet that patient/family who really needs home care, and i know this is where i want to be...good luck to all those who want to do home health, contact me for any questions or concerns, i would love to talk to other home health nurses.