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I'm a DON at a HHA. I have an LPN who we've caught a few times and has been accused many times of fraudulent visits. She's on probation with the BON for the same thing in the past. Every time I bring it up to my administrator... Read More

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    I do not see how anyone could possibly believe that this nurse is doing 26 visits in a day. I did six today and it took me the whole day.
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    Maybe she had 26 patients visit her at her house!! LOL
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    It would be in your best interest to document, document, document what is happening. If an audit is done and visits prove to be fraudulent, you could very well be pulled into the middle of this mess and it won't be pretty. We had a nurse fake her visits and when she was caught, our DON didn't want to fire her. I suspect it is because she did not want to let Medicare know about it as the missing visits may have resulted in a much lower pay rate. She was fired and sadly not much longer afterward she died in her sleep.
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    So the question remains what do we do when we know there is Medicare fraud? The situation as described does not seem to even need to be proved given that actually doing that number of visits is not humanly possible! Do we want to keep hospice as a Medicare benefit? Do we want Medicare to survive such insults? I recently read an article on this site about being a 'whistle blower' and the need for the person sounding the alarm to protect themselves by seeking the assistance of a nurse attorney. Just last evening I saw on the news where six employees were fired because they blew the whistle for being required to 'rubber stamp' physicians to the state medical board who did not meet the qualifictions. For not wanting to harm the general public these employees were all fired and now they are on the news. And don't you just want to know the names of the doctors who should not have been licensed in my state?

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