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  1. BabaLouRN

    Returned documentation

    Anyone else about to pull your hair out? I am spending WAY too much time changing words, adding words, etc etc.....
  2. BabaLouRN

    HH visits at ALF

    It seems your thoughts match mine precisely. I think a lot of issues is most ALFs staff med techs, not nurses to pass meds. There are LVNs in most facility but I find the LVNs are mainly in administrative and marketing positions.
  3. BabaLouRN

    Amedisys reviews for 2016??? Anybody?

    Amedysis office closed in Ft Worth TX in 2012
  4. BabaLouRN

    conjugated estrogens Vaginal Cream

    Does anyone have any information on how conjugated estrogens Vaginal Cream placed on a female's urethra at bedtime has ability to prevent frequency of UTI's??
  5. BabaLouRN

    Oasis tutoring

    I have become well seasoned with Oasis. I have been through 6 changes. I am working toward going to the classes to take the COS-Exam this summer. I have an idea to be available for "Oasis tutoring" from my home to supplement income from being out in the field during the week. Any thoughts on this??? Let me know.
  6. BabaLouRN

    Burnt out and just getting started

    I feel every single bit of your pain. When I read your words, I would think I wrote them myself. I have been doing home health for 9 years and now that I doubt being able to continue this crazy pace I am expected to put up with. I would LOVE to go back to hospital nursing. Now, that I have been away from hospital nursing for 9 years, ALL the experience I have gained over the years does not matter anymore. I don't have the recent experience being required now. I am so tired of dragging my butt through the door only to face another 3 hours of charting that I still have to do. I am frustrated concerning the "princesses in the ivory tower" seeing the world through a computer screen calling shots on what I am expected to do. I too have no life. I have lost tract of all my past times to enjoy life. Everytime I turn around I have to be on call which actually is just a 12 day stretch of work days.
  7. BabaLouRN

    Losing clinical marketability

    I am referring to RETURNING to the hospital after being in Home Health for several years.
  8. BabaLouRN

    Time saving tips for HH nurse

    Don't you just love it when you are down to the last phone contact to set up visit when that LAST patient has one thing or another reason to have to back and redo the whole day.... How do you all deal with this?
  9. BabaLouRN

    Losing clinical marketability

    I have been an RN for 30 years. 22 years of hospital, ER, ICU before 9 years in Home Health. Now, all of those hospital years are gone. Just gone.
  10. BabaLouRN


    Same thoughts exactly. This is such a difficult thing for caregivers to understand. I understand that a SKILLED NEED is something "only a nurse or therapist can do" So, who draws the blood???
  11. BabaLouRN


    I have been taught that routine Lab draws every 3 weeks and then PROCRIRT injections given in the home according to the result of the labs. I believe Medicare does not consider this as a skilled need and I have never heard of PROCRIT being given in the home. Any thoughts?
  12. BabaLouRN

    So nervous about actually leaving my hospital job

    You have to have strong, independent skills. There's no one down the hall to help you out.
  13. BabaLouRN

    homecare homebase

    Try using the SWYPE keyboard. It takes a few practices and you have to watch the words are correct. It sure beats tablet typing.
  14. BabaLouRN

    how many points

    If you are salaried, how many points are you required for full time benefits?
  15. BabaLouRN


    they all live in memory care units. Agency milking visits
  16. BabaLouRN

    37.50/hr ( but position is salary).....

    Just be sure there is an agreement with the terms. What will your quota? Be sure you are clear on your compensation for over productivity

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