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There are two parts to HIPPA. The part the public and the health care industry fret about is the "private information" part. However, the second part of HIPPA is never mentioned. Welcome to the world of bogus law making. HIPPA... Read More

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    Quote from rickbar
    That's not the point. True, HIPPA has fines and allows the public to sue for damages. However, when it comes to protecting health information it is a failure. The end result of HIPPA is less health care coverage for Americans. That means less income for hospitals. HIPPA is a fine example of propaganda at work.
    I think that is at least part of the point. If you are going to go on some tangential rant about it, at least get the facts right...

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    I thought every one knew that about HIPAA?
    As far as saying pre existing conditions should be kept secret, what? Even if insurance company A didn't tell, I thought, at least in the past, I am not one hundred percent sure how recent laws have affected this, that you had to disclose any and all health conditions while applying for insurnce? If you hid information when applying you can be denied coverage.
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    The OP was referring to applying for the job, not for the actual insurance coverage once you have the job. No one looks at your specific medical history when you apply for a job.
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    Quote from rickbar
    I never said the Obama admin. is right wing. However, one only has to look at his history on trade policy to see that his admin. is business friendly. Hipaa was passed under Clinton, however, it was the Bush admin. that allowed insurance company's to share info. That was sold to the public as "greater privacy," it was not.
    You have to be kidding.

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