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If I work for the company the provides long care services to my grandfather, can I look at his nurses notes from my company. Even if I don't work at the facility he is in?... Read More

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    When you work for a facility that is housing and caring for a relative you may review that record IF;
    1) you have permission/authority from the patient which is clearly documented, in the fashion required by the facility, to access such information,
    2) you have notified your employer and immediate supervisor(s) that you have such permission,
    3) you ask the employer permission to access that information using your employee portals rather than more typical patient/family portals,
    4) you accomplish that access on personal time unless given specific permission to access family medical documents on company time, and
    5) you disclose to co-workers your relationship and ability to review their work and documentation. This last item is not a HIPAA requirement but is good interpersonal and team conduct.
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