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Post Your HESI or TEAS Scores!

  1. 0 HESI A2:

    Taken on 8/26/2013 in Houston, TX

    Applying to UTHSC - Houston for Accelerated BSN Program

    Reading Comprehension - 100.00%
    Grammar - 94.00%
    Vocabulary & General Knowledge - 94.00%
    Biology - 92.00%
    Chemistry 96.00%
    Anatomy & Physiology - 92.00%
    Math 96.00%
    Critical Thinking - 900

    Cumulative - 94.86% (95.20% for UTHSC Requirements)

    Learning Style - Kinesthetic/Analytical
    Personality Style - Creative/People

    TEAS V:

    Taken on 5/10/2013 Houston, TX

    Applying to HHC Coleman College - ADN

    Reading - 85.7% = 89th percentile
    Math - 96.7% = 99th percentile
    Science - 83.3% = 97th percentile
    English - 76.7% = 84th percentile

    Adjusted Individual Total Score (Average) - 85.3%
    95th percentile - national
    99th percentile - program

    Bachelor's in Biology, Spanish Minor - 3.1 GPA
    Nursing Pre-requirements - 3.68 GPA

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    I purchased the study manuals given by the respective test providers. The HESI exam seemed to be easier and their manual was much closer to the exam than with the TEAS V. I also studied more (1 week total) for the HESI A2.
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    excellent scores, mind as well count yourself in the program!
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    HESI A2

    Taken 7/26/13 in GA
    Applying for BSN program

    Math: 96%
    Reading Comprehension: 94%
    -That's all my school required.

    Cumulative: 95% (which was my goal )
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    Just took today 8/19.
    Math: 100%
    Reading Comp: 96

    Cumulative: 98
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    I took mine at Baylor Univ. on 8/15/2013. I'm applying to Central Texas College for their ADN program. CTC doesn't require the science portions of the test.

    90% average

    96% - Reading comp.
    84% - Vocab.
    90% - Math
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    I don't have my HESI scores in from of me but I looked at them an hour ago. My total was 96%. My lowest score was in math and I got a 90. I got 100s on three parts of English. I bombed my teas last year so I'm taking it a month from today! Yikes!
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    Can anyone give advice on the vocab. I am studying the book and quizlet for hesi but still feeling uneasy. I take my test Sept 9th
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    I'm worried as well, I need help on trying to refresh myself in this stiff again
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    tiffanies Most of the vocab on my test came right out of the evolve book version 2. There were a couple of other words that didnt come from the guide but if your on quizlet you should be golden. I took the hesi today.

    My Scores:


    Total score came out to 88.5. Does anybody know if that will be rounded to a 89 or does it stay at an 88?
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    Are you talking about the purple or blue book? Nice scores.
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    I used the blue book. Its the 2nd edition the purple is the 3rd. There isn't much of a difference in them. Thanks about the scores also but i think i am going to retake it. We are allowed to take it twice so why not take advantage of it i guess.
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    Remember that for UTHSC they will accept the most recent score, even if it is lower than the first score.
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    I took mine at Pensacola State on November 18

    Reading Comprehension - 96%
    Grammar - 84%
    Vocabulary/General Knowledge - 92%
    Anatomy and Physiology - 88%
    Math - 92%

    Overall - 90%