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  1. Took the Hesi A2 today.

    I have retaken it sense then, and now have a total score of 93.48.
  2. Tallahassee Community College Spring 2014 Applicants

    Sarah with 152 points you will DEF be accepted! Esp in the spring semester. I wish i didn't have to wait until fall but i decided to take AP2 Lab next semester so i can ensure i get an A in Psychology this semester!
  3. Tallahassee Community College Fall 2014 Applicants

    Oh, and i have retaken the hesi since this initial post and brought my scores up. I scored a total of 93.48 overall on the hesi now! So 113.48 out of the 120 and my gpa is a 3.66
  4. Tallahassee Community College Fall 2014 Applicants

    Thanks! I cant wait to apply. I see that you are applying for this spring! Good luck! You will be one semester ahead of me because i cant apply until the following semester Fall of 14'. I am pretty confident ill get in though with 151 out of 160.
  5. Tallahassee Community College Spring 2014 Applicants

    GGoodman I did pretty well. I wont be able to apply with yall because i have one more class to take, but im applying in Fall of 14' with 151 points so im pretty sure ill get in. :) Good Luck to you all!
  6. Is there more than one HESI exam?

    Yes that is a good study guide. I would look over the algebra section but don't worry too much about algebra. The math consists of mostly adding subtracting multiplying and dividing fractions, also proportions and ratios. There are some other general...

    Hello, not trying to discourage you from taking the test whenever you want but if you don't even know what kind of vocab is on the test i think it would be better for you to take at least another week to study for it. If you study from the two links ...
  8. How can I increase my vocabulary score?

    Do this quiz until you can literally answer each question within seconds.. HESI A2 - Vocabulary (Evolve Reach A2 Exam Review, 2nd Ed.) | Word Dynamo Also BE SURE to know all of these words in the vocab area of this pdf. I had more words from this li...
  9. Retaking hesi entrance exam next month

    Glad i was able to help!
  10. Wcccd Hesi a2 exam tips

    Whoever told you the hesi a2 was very hard probably hasn't taken the test. The math is exactly the same as in your study guide. If you know how to do that math you will be fine. The reading consists of very small paragraphs that you have to answer qu...
  11. Retaking hesi entrance exam next month

    Alright on top of knowing all of the vocab from that book you NEED to know the words listed on this site. A lot of these words were on my test. http://www.uiw.edu/nursing/documents/HESI-TopicsofStudy-2012.pdf Next this game for the vocab helped me mo...
  12. Tallahassee Community College Fall 2013

    Well id really like to get into Fall 14'. So i guess i will retake the hesi. I recalculated and id have 143 points. So i know i will have to retake the hesi. I will probably do that again within the next 2 weeks..
  13. Tallahassee Community College Fall 2013

    Thanks, I think im going to go ahead and apply to Fall 14' with the 142.5 (also completed humanities, micro bio, and micro bio lab) and see if i get in. If not then i will retake the hesi and apply to spring.
  14. Just wanted to start a new thread for the applicants of the fall 14' semester. Hopefully i will find some future applicants on here to go through the process with! I took my first attempt on the hesi on wed aug 28th scores as followed: Math: 90 Readi...
  15. Hello everybody, I recently took the Hesi A2 and my average score came out to be a 88.5. Does anybody know if this will be rounded to an 89? Or does it stay at an 89? This was never explained and i would really like to know.. Someone please help!!