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  1. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Thanks Hppy, I appreciate your insight! Your posts have been constructive and I appreciate your kind honesty!
  2. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    No Libby1987 there are the good ones. He is cognitively aware and knows he has to wear them but can't put them on his self.
  3. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Not really, my post is pretty accurate to his current condition. He currently has the cdif and 2 pressure wounds. He had one of the worst strokes the doctor has seen (his words, not mine). We are just trying to take it day by day. The crazy thing is...
  4. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Thank you everyone for your responses. It is really hard to try and relay an experience that has been going on for months especially in text. When my dad first had his stroke I took a 3 month leave from work to be at the hospital with him and take c...
  5. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    smcbunnybsn, thank you! I appreciate the support.
  6. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Katiemi if you continued to read my post I stated "Both pressure wounds and cdif as most nurses understand are due to not being turned and most of the time poor hand hygiene from room to room." which I meant pressure wounds are from not turning and c...
  7. New grads, how long do you wait after applying..?

    I graduated in December but had been applying in September for our local residencies. I am in the DFW, TX area so the job market seemed pretty good this season. Best of luck to you!
  8. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Thanks again everyone for responding. It is difficult to balance the knowledge with just being a family member. When a family member is there we work to take care of him. I have many times jumped in to help with his care because I know there isn't e...
  9. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Wow, overall I am overwhelmed by the awesome feedback. Thank you everyone who responded. I am never above humbling myself and taking constructive criticism! I have read all of these posts and the diversity of responses is great. Really given me a di...
  10. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Katiemi thanks for the insight. I actually asked the nurse to leave the room because for the first time I actually had a license to think about and didnt want to lose my cool. I am totally aware of keeping my cool but also not compromising my dad's c...
  11. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Thecommuter thanks so much for your post. It definitely gives me insight on the other side of things. This is exactly why I posted this. This is difficult but I also have said many times how difficult it is for the nurses and have thanked and thanked...
  12. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    traumaRUS thanks for responding. He is there for rehab and our hope is he can come home but I'm not sure walking again is in the books for him and we all work full time jobs. Im not sure how we would be able to provide him around the clock care and m...
  13. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Well said! I'm sorry to hear about your mom.
  14. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    Silly spelling errors, totally my bad. I appreciate everyone's advice. I did write my complaint in an emotional state so I will re read it. I appreciate all feedback. This has been so rough for me. I have always relied on nurses to help me understan...
  15. Separate being Family vs Nurse

    To answer a few points: 1. I currently work full time and cannot be there all of the time. So when I say his feet are not propped up I assumed nurses would understand that of course I prop them up and am always willing to change his diaper. I cannot...