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Do people take your efficiency as you're lazy. Lol. I'm too good at this, tho and I think that is why this Job is affecting me so harshly. 3 hours into my shift, my assessments, documenting, and chart checks are done. this is... Read More

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    Quote from canoehead
    I'll put aside the OP's claim that she got all her work done in almost half the time of most nurses. the other nurses apparently need a hand, and you gotta help your coworkers. after that, if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean, and restock. I have never worked a shift where someone couldn't use a spa-like bath, or a shampoo, or a pedicure. Find something!! It's never PC to sit when your coworkers are running, I'd be annoyed too.
    ^^agree...being efficient allows me to do all of the above...and anticipate the unexpected...

    OP, your clients and peers will thank you...and there may be a day where you need an extra hand...your "efficient" co-worker will need if that day

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    Efficiency is wonderful, but are you sure you can't find something else to do? Is there a patient with anxiety that you could sit with and listen to? Does anyone need their hand held? Does anyone need a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on? Do your aides need help getting their work done? (After all, it is ALL your work, just the non-licensed part of it is delegated to them.) Does one of your co-workers need a hand? Is there anything that needs to be ordered or re-stocked?

    As a former manager from another field I know that nobody is paid to browse the Internet. You are paid to work, so find some work to do. I can't believe that there is none. If you think everything is done it's just because you aren't looking hard enough.

    I don't mean to sound critical, but nursing is a different kind of field. Your focus should not be on getting a list of tasks completed. It should be on helping to maintain the health, safety, and diginity of the people in your charge. So if the tasks are complete, do some comfort rounding. You might find a place where you can do some good. Maybe someone wants a ginger ale. Maybe one of the aides is drowning and needs help.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    I work with efficient nurses too. They seem to be the ones to step out in the hall and ask the one CNA we have for 18 pts, to get the pt some ice water. They seem to be the ones who pats the little old lady's hand and say "I'll get you some help", put on the call light, and walk away when the pt requests you help them to the bathroom. They're the ones who surf the web, but won't answer a single call light when five are going off and the one CNA you have is off the floor for lunch. They're the ones who won't answer the phone, help with an admit that's not theirs, or answer an alarm on a confused patient. They're the nurses who put their blinders on when they come to work and do only what they deem "their job".
    I've watched the nurses I work with who consistently get done with an entire shifts work before midnight. I've watched them do all of the above while they pride themselves on their efficiency.
    Yes yes people who are good at their jobs MUST be terrible nurses who cut corners and force their work on their coworkers!! Never answer call lights!! Just awful people.... Sorry you aren't an efficient worker, doesn't mean you have to be bitter!

    I help my coworkers, start what seems to be every needed IV on the floor, and make all the assignments/help all the techs/clean the station/do other nurses admission assessments even. I'm a damn good nurse and proud of it. What you said was rude random Internet person.
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl

    OP also feels troll-y to me.
    Hmm...didn't think about it like that...OP was on a post stating how overworked and busy they were...
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    Quote from dudette10
    You are very efficient! Just a suggestion for your downtime: in the very few opportunities I've had with downtime-I am admittedly not as efficient as you are-- I've gone to each room just to say, "Is there anything you need?" One time I did that, and I discovered a CNA doing the same thing for the exact same reason. We had a good laugh over that and we were braced for the **** to hit the fan because it seemed to be an easy day!
    ^^^^lol...Love it when a team comes together True efficiency
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    I"m sure the OP is having a ball with some bragging on this thread and others complaining....maybe it's time to stop responding and take away his/her fun
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    When I worked nights I did bed baths for the comfort care. I would even get the confused sun downers up and sit them in a chair and wash them up and change their linen.

    I won't even check my email at work. I figure if I have time to read, I have time to help on the floor. I have done vitals, passed meds, ran to lab, stocked, cleaned, and everything else in between.
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    posting just to keep reading
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    Quote from Sun0408
    posting just to keep reading
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    I think people are interpreting this in very different ways. I don't think the OP meant "I'm more efficient, so it's ok of I sit and chat on Facebook because I'm done with *my* work". of course you should help out those who are overwhelmed. But some nurses
    seem to think that being constantly on the brink of a nervous break down is part of being a "good" nurse. In nursing, being caught up with your work seems to be synonymous with doing a half-a**ed job. Why?

    And sometimes lines like "I'm behind because I'm very thorough." or "I'm behind because I spend more time talking with the pts" are just excuses for having poor time management skills

    And I have to admit, I feel less inclined to help out a nurse who's spent too much time chatting or dawdling. And, yes, sometimes that includes chatting with patients or their families. When there's tasks that need to be done, there's tasks that need to be done.
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