The "Weigh" Out---A Food Management Support Thread - page 7

Greetings! Many of you know that I have struggled for most of my life with compulsive eating and weight issues. I got my start way back in the 1960s, growing up with an overweight mother who... Read More

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    I have huge issues with sugar, especially when stressed (I am!), I just don't know how to help myself.

    It's late, I will come back tomorrow to read all of the wonderful posts here. So glad I found this thread.
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    Oh boy...guys...I need some willpower!

    I have (once again) fallen off the proverbial wagon. Having a hard time hopping back on. Just in need of some support from those who have been there!

    Plan: calling just opened near my house!
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    This is a great thread. Thanks for sharing your story. sorry to hear you had to go through that with your mom. but best of luck in losing weight! i gained weight too and i'm trying to lose weight. so this is really motivational for me so thank you.

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