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Greetings! Many of you know that I have struggled for most of my life with compulsive eating and weight issues. I got my start way back in the 1960s, growing up with an overweight mother who... Read More

  1. by   Belfegor
    Quote from wildcatfanrn
    i know what i must do to help myself become healthier. i have discovered it is soooo easy to talk myself out of doing something, or doing something else so its now too late in the evening. i have a curves membership, it will only take 30min out of my day to go. i talk myself into doing something else instead of going. i am tackling my eating habits head on though. people have told me that you can only gain weight if you overeat, that undereating does not lead to weight-gain. i am proof that undereating indeed leads to weight-gain. undereating added with not excercising equals weight gain.

    my problem is eating when i'm not really hungry, i can't. then later i'll snack on something and not have an actual meal for the entire day. i don't know what i'm classified as, i do binge eat sometimes....but not always.

    [font="comic sans ms"]maybe you can take advantage of your so-called "weakness".....most diets recommend eating like a cat. in other words, you take your total intake for the day and divid it by 4 or 5 (smaller) meals.
    have those portions ready (like in tupperwares or frozen meals) so you can eat what you have planned ahead (healthy, balanced small meals). it will be so easy to access, or warm up, that you are less likely to binge or even substitute them for less healthy and more caloric food.
    for example, you can have an assortment of fruits peeled and cut in a few small containers. divide some tuna you mixed with olive oil and herbs and, let say cucumbers, in another set of small tupperware etc....then set your watch or alarm, or egg minuter (or whatever is convenient- like you cell phone if you are at work) to ring every 3 to 4 hours. when it rings, take a few minutes to breath, sit down, and eat what you prepared. don't skip because you aren't hungry, just see it as taking your medication if you really aren't hungry. in that case, light food usually goes down well. fruits for example are the type of food you don't need to be hungry to eat, its fresh and juicy and even sweet...
    in between those smaller meals, make sure to drink a lot of water (or tea, infusion, ice tea etc...but not the kind full of sugar!if you really need the sweet taste, use brown sugar or honey....or even sweetener ) to stay hydrated and flush out toxins etc...
    i hope you can give this a try and let us know how it works for you?

    oh, and by the way, exercise will make you gain "weight"....muscle weight that is. i am sure you already know this, but when you exercise and feed your muscles, your balance will show an increased weight because muscle is heavier than fat. so maybe your balance isn't the best way to judge your progress! your appearance is! the way you fit in your cloths is!
    gaining muscle is definitely a great slimming tool because the more muscle you have, the more you increase your basal metabolic rate, wich means that you continue to burn calories even when you are resting! that's a great deal: the more muscles you have, the more you will burn calories, even in your sleep and eventually, your "weight" will stabilize itself and you won't even care what your balance reads, because you'll know that you are in the best shape from what the mirror tells you and how you feel in your own body!
  2. by   UM Review RN
    I've been taking the stairs at work the past few days. I've been trying to have reasonable portions.
  3. by   Belfegor
    Quote from angie o'plasty, rn
    i've been taking the stairs at work the past few days. i've been trying to have reasonable portions.
    [font="comic sans ms"]kudos to you! yeah!you start like that, and your continuing efforts will snow ball soon! keep at it!! bravo!

  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm really beginning to believe that the small changes, accumulated over the course of months or even years, are going to make the difference that finally leads me to success someday.

    Each day, I look for new and different ways to throw in a little extra activity and/or shave a few calories. At this point, I can't imagine being able to do a 30-minute cardio workout, but I can go outside in the garden and do some digging/transplanting/weeding/hoeing etc. I don't seem to be able to get my caloric intake down to 1200 per day yet, but I've made huge changes in what I eat as well as the amount, and I think I'm averaging 1500-1600 most days (which is a whole lot better than the 4000 or 5000 I was eating as recently as a month ago).

    I'm also chronicling my journey in several ways---making it public so that I'll have to risk embarrassment should I fall off the wagon, involving family and co-workers, even taking pictures of myself from time to time so I can see the difference in my appearance as the weight gradually comes off. My metabolism isn't what it used to be, and the numbers on the scale are dropping so slowly that it's disheartening. But there is NO mistaking the emergence of cheekbones where only fat could be seen two months ago, and no mistaking the fact that most of the pants I've been wearing for the past several years are getting too big.

    Everyone keep up the good work! EVERYTHING that puts distance between us and our unhealthy habits is worth doing, no matter how seemingly insignificant we think it is.
  5. by   blueheaven
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Well, I will say I've got some of the basics down already..........

    Buying groceries when I'm not hungry.......check.
    Buying only what I know to be good for me..........check.
    Activity---well, I'm not sedentary like I was when I was working at a desk job. I move around at work all evening. But I know I need more than that for weight loss...........check.
    Ditching the fried foods, McDumpster meals, Cokes...........check.

    The weird thing is the sabotage my entire family seems to be engaging in. I can't BELIEVE these people. They all said they would be happy to help me by eating better right along with me. That lasted a whole week.

    In the past four days alone, my husband has brought home four large bags of candy. My son has bought doughnuts. It's more than coincidence that all of these items are still sitting at MY place at the table. Even my sister, who's NEVER been a compulsive eater, is suddenly chomping Werther's Originals like they're going to be illegal tomorrow---she's eaten four bags that I know of just since last weekend.

    It's almost funny---what the hell is WRONG with these people??!! My son certainly doesn't need to lose weight, but the rest of us do, and even though my particular problem is no one else's fault, I'd think they'd want to NOT flaunt their newfound taste for all things sweet and gooey in my face! It's like pouring a glassful of Jack Daniels and Coke and sitting it right in front of a newly-sober alcoholic. So far I have resisted with every fiber of my being...........I may be a weakling, but with God's help I'm finding some strength somewhere. Question is, how long can it last? And why, when all my family has been telling me for years is how scared they are that I'm going to die from obesity, would they place so much temptation in my way?? I don't get it!!
    Hi...boy do I know that feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband is the saboteur at my house. I told him "What if I set a fifth of Southern Comfort and a baga pot up on the TV?" He's a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. Amazingly he didn't get the connection!!
    Any ideas out there?? With that...I'll keep checking this board. LOL-allnurses version of "I'll keep coming back"
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    I was thinking the same thing! "Keep-coming-back-it-works!":typing
  7. by   Coriander
    I'd love to join in if that's okay. I haven't even started nursing school yet, however my fulltime class schedule and other crazy stuff going on has upped my stress levels to the point where now I weigh 181 pounds. I've gained 40 pounds in about two years. I am now the second heaviest I've ever been, and it's not far off from the heaviest. Ugh.

    I've noticed that I'm exhausted and I just generally feel cement-heavy. I have started eating better, with more fruits and salads than I've had before. When I'm this worn out I don't have the energy for exercise. Even just walking to classes gets me out of breath, and I absolutely hate that.

    I have an entire closet of clothes I can't wear because they just don't fit anymore.

    My goal is 125-135 pounds. I know I can reach it... I just have to have motivation and self-control.

    Thanks for listening I hope you all reach your goals soon!!!
  8. by   UM Review RN
    I can go down 3 flights of stairs and up one fairly comfortably at this point. Of course, I can't talk afterward for about 10 minutes, but at least I'm not terrified of falling.
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  9. by   litbitblack
    So far ive been working out on the treadmill the last two weeks. started at just 20 minutes and this last week upped to 30 minutes . I have tried to run (lol like only lasting a minute twice during the 30 minutes) and I am freakin sore. Its all i can do to make myself stay on there. I am sure waiting for the time that i like it. but i have also not eaten out and have cut out soda almost entirely. So i am being almost good
  10. by   TuTonka
    Well I never thought I would find a good support group for wt loss but it would seem that maybe I have. I have yo yo dieted all my life and to this day fight to control my weight in a semi-acceptable condition. Do I know better than to overeat...yes..Do I know what to do about it...yes...Do I succeed at is ...most of the time. I am an RN I should be better at this but I am not. So I look for support groups and keep looking for support groups and I still am.I am not exactly unhealthy but I am not as healthy as I want to be. I need good excercise tips, a good gym or program that I will be able to continue with the rest of my life. I have lived in an area for 3 yrs and have not found a gym I like yet or a trainer that is truly helpful. Any suggestions?

  11. by   llg
    Yeah! I had routine lab work drawn last week that showed I need to increase my daily dose of Synthroid. :-) I feel so much better when my thryroid levels are adequate. I can focus, stay awake, have energy to get a little exercise, etc. And the general effect on my metabolism helps me manage my weight problem. Believe me, it's really hard to lose weight when your metabolism is in the basement.

    I also got a new perscription for bladder spasms that gives me chronic dry mouth and a horrible taste in my mouth. While I hate that, it does diminish the pleasure that I get from eating.

    Bottom line: I lost 2 pounds this week! :-)

    I hope I can get off the dipropan someday, but I'm happy with the weight loss.
  12. by   RN1982
    Hey everyone,

    Just got home from a 1.25 mile walk. I plan on using my elliptical later on today but it's so nice out I couldn't pass up a long walk this morning. I need to do some weight-lifting so I will do that later on also. So my plan for the next two weeks before my final weigh in prior to surgery on May 20, is to have one balanced meal plus 4-5 of my HMR shakes, which are high protein shakes. Sounds crazy but I followed this diet before and I hated it but I have to do what I must so I can have my surgery. I've lost 10 pounds so far, I need to lose 5 more.
  13. by   TuTonka
    Huh? Congrats on your loss.