So my job stress finally put me in the ER

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    Well, mostly job stress. Work has been so busy with so much pressure, I've been working 24/7, have lots of crap going on at home.Well, yesterday I woke up extra early as usual to chart before work, was fine, then all of a sudden I felt dizzy, sweaty, started having palpitations and my hands went numb. I had a root canal the night before so I didn't eat much so I had some OJ figuring it was my BP. In my 10 min drive to work, my hands could barely hold the wheel, everything was woozy and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I kept trying to will it away...Walked into work and they insisted I take my BP which is usually a perfect 115/70. Well, they hooked up a telemo itor and it was 197/102! They I sits I go to the ER, the chaplain drove with me and stayed wi me for a while. At the er it came down to 158/99. Tachy at 115. After blood work, ekg's and a CT of the head everything came back clean. I left with a BP of 138/88 which is still hi for me.Did I mention I am a fairly healthy 32 year old!?I was basically told I need to do something about my stress. I'm praying for another job before I stroke out
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    I hope you feel better. The same thing has happened to me. I had a strong plueric chest pain on inspiration. I'm thinking I had pericarditis. I was also very panicky. After three days of this my husband dragged me into the ER ( I HATE going to the ER by the way). I got a work up done and it all was negative the only thing was that my B/P was high but most likely due to stress.

    I got a note to take off for a week, and came back to work refreshed. However, my sx started again. At that point, I resigned. I'm much more happier now.Maybe you need a different area of nursing.
    Take care of you first. Get better soon!
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    197/102 is high even for stress related hypertension, at your age (assuming you do not have the regular risk factors such as diabetes, familial history of HTN, or obesity). And you're not slamming the energy drinks, I hope...?

    While I do not know the course of your assessment and tx, at face value it "sounds" as if you may have been dismissed as yet another "stressed out female" and sent home with advisement to try yoga or a facial.

    I do hope you invest in monitoring and tracking your BP's, regardless.

    Good luck.
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    I am not obese and in rather good shape. I used to work out a lot. It not since this job, I try to kickbox once a week to relieve the stress, but I haven't had a chance to go in a few weeks. I was supposed to take off 2 days but only took the day off I went to the er because there is no one at work, as soon as I got back they slammed me. I was a manager and it wasn't for me because I was sick of everything being an issue and being called constantly when I left work. Well, I have the same thing now, only I make 25k less a year. Tonight my boss has been calling me trying to solve an issue way after hours when I already worked late and poor daughter is crying on the couch for a bellyache. I'm done.I'm supposed to follow up at my primary these past 2 days, but when??????I would have quit on the spot today if I didn't have a child to support. I Might still.I used to take Xanax on a PRN sleep basis, now I take it everyday. I fall asleep early on my couch and wake up in the middle of the night worried about work.This is the worst way to live
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    Hope you feel better soon, MomRN. Our bodies do have a way of whoopin' us upside the head when we ignore the promptings of our thoughts. It's totally inappropriate for your boss to be taking up your personal time with non-urgent work issues. My advice of the past may have been to try a lower stress environment but I do understand that isn't always possible in today's employment market. I did that during a time in my life when the combined stress from work and job issues caused continual disruptions in my sleep and eating habits. Now I'm kind of tuned in to the fact that my body manifests overload in unconscious tension in my jaws. Glad you shared though, because that means you are aware of the direction things are heading and can take steps to modify it.
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    Going to bed (or your couch) constantly worrying about work, and doping yourself to sleep because of anxiety about work... is a sure sign it's time for a change.
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    I hope you can find another job or position with less stress, but allows you to make a decent living taking care of your child. I feel sometimes that my job is slowly killing me. You're right--this is no way to live.
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    Take care of yourself. Maybe this is a good opportunity to reevaluate your job situation. I find nursing very stressful, too. No job is worth that kind of toll. I hope you can find your way to a less stressful place.
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    Thanks all, I am working very hard on getting another job. I'm in the running for a low stress work from home position. I've wanted it for 2 years. They are interviewing but have no current open positions, but in a few months they should.I doubt I am going to make it a few months. That being said, and please don't laugh. Can you get disability for stress leave? If its taking a true toll on your health?I'm desperate to not have another day as you can see. I also suffer panic attacks related the the job Not to mention the BP issues.I'm desperately going out on a limb here
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    You probably could get disability, but it wouldn't be enough to support you and your child.

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