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Good morning. I am scheduled to work roughly four nights a month on my nursing unit. I have worked ONE overnight shift in the past and did just fine UNTIL about 6 AM and then the bottom FELL OUT. I felt light headed and 'swimmy'.... Read More

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    Quote from ruby vee
    even if your patients were all asleep, that would get you fired. or disciplined at the very least.

    ruby come on you are better than that! of course i am kidding. i work nights and have always worked nights. it would be a small act from god/allah/shiva/flying spaghetti monster to get all the pts to actually sleep through the night.

    like others said, keep busy and snack. drink lots of water. cant be tired if you have to pee! for me though, the most important thing was getting enough rest during the day. i found that when i slept enough, staying up was a lot easier.

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    Quote from That Guy

    Ruby come on you are better than that! Of course I am kidding.
    Well, I laughed when I read it, if that's any consolation.
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    sorry, that guy. the last night i worked, i had three rns all cozied up in recliners with blankets and pillows . . . . and the security guard making a lovely video of them on his smartphone. i'd been helping a new grad whose patient was trying to die, and those three could have been helping as well. one girl had the gall to complain that she wasn't sleeping, she was only resting her eyes, and "besides -- i woke up every time someone walked past."

    falling asleep at work is one thing. we've probably all done it. i fell asleep while charting once and fell off my chair when my hand continued writing off the edge of the page and fell off the edge of the table. a nursing supervisor on the west coast has a picture of me sound asleep standing up. fortunately, she thought it was funny and i didn't lose my job. but curling up into a nice, comfy recliner with a blanket and pillow is a firing offense.

    so i apologize, my humor was awol. usually i am better than that!
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    I currently work nights in a Concierge office (starting nursing school in the fall)....I think it is preparing me to work nights as a nurse! I drink lots of water, eat tons of healthy snacks throughout the night, stand up and walk around when i'm getting drowsy. I also go to bed the second I walk in the door...no "winding down" for me...well I do have a 1.5 hour train commute Its mostly about finding a routine...it takes a little while but eventually you get the hang of it. I dont think I'm cut out for nights either, Ive been working here for a year and I still fall asleep almost every shift and just feel miserable most of the time. I sit in front of a computer desk all night, so maybe that's it. Good luck!

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