Know of a good afternoon workout for a new 7a-3p RN?

  1. I'm a new nurse!!
    I passed my RN boards this March and I got a full time job at a nursing home.
    Last friday was my first day of orientation.
    I wanted to get back into my workout schedule in the months I wasn't working (which i did). I usually run 3mi/day but now that im working, i feel that running prob isn't good for my feet/legs because they're already tired from my shift today.
    When I came home, I rested for about 45min before i ran.

    Is running a good or bad workout to do as a nurse who is on her feet 98% of the time?
    Do you know of any good workouts? Now that I think about it I guess upper body, resistance training would be good, prob crunches, planks, pull-ups/push-ups. things that keep me on my feet only for a bit..

    But if y'all have any other tips im open to it! thanks
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  3. by   applewhitern
    I like Zumba. Just turn the music up loud and dance. Relieves stress and doesn't seem to bother my lower extremities. I know a lot of nurses who do run, though. My knees just can't do that anymore.
  4. by   chrisrn24
    I love Zumba! I always get a good workout but it can be tailored to your needs that day. Less strenuous/more strenuous. There is even Zumba Toning with weights!
  5. by   WoundedBird
    I'm a huge fan of spinning. I've found out that I can get a better workout when I choose the music and the type of workout I want instead of following an instructor. I also don't feel bad when I can only make it part way through because I'm wiped out from school and clinicals.
  6. by   Alisonisayoshi
    Try TRX it can be done basically anywhere and once you get the hang of it, it's fun and challenging. I'm still a student, but I worked on my feet for my first career for a big majority if it. Running was great for my legs and I think it's freeing for the soul.
  7. by   windsurfer8
    I am an Army nurse. We do CrossFit here. I also have in my house kettlebells and heavy bag. Experiment and see what works best for you. I also swim 4 days a week. Just hit it hard whatever you do.
  8. by   Daliadreamer
    CrossFit! I feel like this gives me the biggest bang for my buck- it's usually a full body workout that you can do just one or two times a week in between your running schedule, and it does not take a lot of time at all!
  9. by   sbostonRN
    Congrats on landing your first job!

    I think it's ok to do whatever exercise you enjoy. You will get used to being on your feet and it's not so bad after awhile. I am on my feet all day long, working at an LTACH, and usually run 4 miles 3 days a week. I walk 3+ miles 3-4 days a week too. Basically all of my exercise is walking/running on my feet and it's only made me stronger. Yes, I'm tired at the end of my workday, but as I've gotten stronger I don't fatigue as much and I actually have MORE energy.
  10. by   spinetilt
    Skip breakfast. Eat a light lunch then after work hit the gym. Compound barbell movements that work the bigger muscles: Squat, press, deadlift, chin-ups, bench press. 2 warm up sets, three working sets of 5 reps. No cardio, unless you do sprint intervals on your non lifting days. 20 min max. You'll thank me later.
  11. by   runnergirl86
    Insanity workouts are fun and only take 40-60 minutes. You don't need any equipment and can do things at your intensity level. I usually switch days of Insanity with running, even if it has been a long day at work, running helps me relieve stress and you'll sleep better if you've done some sort of physical activity.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    Back when I worked the 6:00-2:00pm shift at a nursing home (similar to 7-3pm), I worked out at a local health club at 3pm. Some days I would run on the treadmill and other days I would spend on the elliptical machine.
    Is running a good or bad workout to do as a nurse who is on her feet 98% of the time?
    I personally think running is one of the best cardiovascular workouts in existence, despite the impact to the joints.