Working as an RN in a GS Position overseas

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    My husband is USAF and we are stationed in Okinawa Japan. There is a naval hospital here which I was recently hired onto. BUT I got my job offer letter and they are hiring me as a GS7 with a salary of 33,979. I am a new graduate RN but I have 5 years experience as an LPN. I was just thinking that this was low. I don't have any other option but to accept it since there is no where else for me to work but I was debating asking if this could be some kind of mistake. It works out to be just over $17/hr. My last job I worked as an LPN I was making $19/hr so this is a pay decrease when I went up in education...makes no sense to me! Any help is appreciated!!! THANK YOU!

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    You had 5 years experience/senority as an LPN. You have none as an RN. If were at home and hired here you LPN would give you an edge over another new grad and get hired but it wouldn't get you more money.

    Salary depends on where you live in the US with an average these days of around $22 to $24 per hour. Many nurses state side can't find positions at all.....not even in LTC in this present economy.

    Welcome to the reality of the propaganda the nurses will always have a job and make a lot of money......
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    It looks like there should be a locality pay added to your base pay as GS 7, but I'm not sure what it would be for Okinawa. Try googling overseas locality pay for government employees.
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    Congratulations on getting that job!!! Who cares what the pay is, you're working!
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    Congratulations on getting a job in overseas.
    Since it is a government job, Do they offer you any additional benefits?
    such as housing allowence, or cost of living allowence or such.
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    Congratulations on snagging an RN job in Japan. I would definitely inquire about overseas COLA. As a government employee you should be entitled to additional monetary compensation, not just health benefits.
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    Thats definitely only the base pay for a GS 7 step 1. Not including locality pay and other possible allowances.
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    Take it and run with it! Your salary is only base pay - since you are OCONUS, you will get more money for allowances. PLUS, once you get into the GS system you will move up in salary on a slow but regular schedule. GS slots are getting to be very difficult to come by, so count yourself lucky. Congrats on the job! Get ready for a whole lot more acronyms!!
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    As an RN, you shouldve been given at least a GS-9 step 1. Especially since they are saving on your relocation costs, bonuses, etc. It may be too late but your GS grade determination is negotiable. What was it advertised as?
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    Thanks everyone! So I did ask the question and I would have to have 2 years of RN experience to be a GS 9. The job was listed for a GS 9 which is why I assumed that is what I would be getting, but they rewrote the job or something to offer it to me at a GS 7, apparently without 2 years experience I can not work as a GS 9.

    I do think that I get COLA, I am not sure how much-- from what I understand it won't be much since my husband already receives COLA for our whole family. I am not sure about locality pay, I have never heard of this, I'll have to look into it. I doubt we would get any kind of housing allowance since my husband is AF and we live on base.

    I am thankful to have a job and I am of course accepting it...I was just a little shocked about the pay...maybe with COLA and locality pay if I get that it will be better. I have no experience with the GS system so maybe I just don't know enough yet...
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