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  1. NurseTrishaH

    Feed me, Seymour! When patients want forbidden food...

    Oh, you all didn't know that RN stands for Refreshments & Narcotics? I sometimes think I spent thousands of dollars to become a waitress. It bothers me a little bit when patients ask for food upon arrival, but drives me NUTS when visitors ask. Last night I had one family member say to another "better put in your order with that nurse if you want something". I laughed and said "I'm not a waitress, and this isn't Applebee's". Shortly after, same family requested a large cup, a root beer, and a cup of ice cream. For each of them. To make root beer floats at 0330.
  2. NurseTrishaH

    Ob & Peds test out through excelsior

    A lot of times you can check out Ebay for the College Network study modules instead of buying the texts recommended by Excelsior. Just a thought. I'm all about saving money on books I don't plan to keep forever!
  3. NurseTrishaH

    Jan fcca

    I'm starting too! Taking both at the same time... really nervous because I see so many posting about failing the courses. And that there's not a whole lot of info on what is included. All I can tell is that it's not a traditional course/exam.
  4. NurseTrishaH

    LPN-RN school online?

    Sissy!!!!! Congrats on getting into Nursing School!!!
  5. NurseTrishaH

    FCCA Finals

    I'm in the same boat! I'm pulling a couple all nighters this week to bust out LS 2 (Wednesday) and LS 3 (on Friday). I'm hoping I can register immediately after passing LS 3. I am really confused about what exactly the FCCA is.... I would have better luck finding Jimmy Hoffa than finding info about the FCCA. I don't want any help with it, but an idea of what exactly this thing is would be helpful. Oh well, I will find out soon enough!
  6. NurseTrishaH

    Chronically late patients...

    I dealt with a lot of this when I worked in a Family Practice Clinic. Here is how I ran my ship: Appt times were every 15 minutes with a 5 minute grace period. For instance, if the 0900 pt didn't show up until 0907, they could either reschedule or wait to be seen during a break (but no guarantee when that will be). Some people didn't care, and would wait because it got them out of work for several hours. Others would get irritated, saying that they waste time waiting for the doc. Most finally understood why the doc is running late when I would lay it out for them. Show them that if they are 7 minutes late, that puts the doc 7 minutes behind. The next late person might add on another 8 minutes, so now the doc is running 15 minutes behind. It all adds up. Also some pts make an appt for something little, like refill of allergy meds, but then bring up on the way out the door "oh, hey, doc, sometimes I get chest pain. Is that OK?" which creates a whole mess of testing, checking, etc that eats up more time. Rarely is it entirely the doc's fault for running behind - it is patients who don't see the whole picture of how a clinic runs.
  7. NurseTrishaH

    College Network/Excelsior Advice

    I am also in North Carolina, enrolled in Excelsior College LPN to RN program. I am using The College Network material to study with. So far I have taken 2 exams and got A's on both of them. I do not regret using TCN material because it is so much easier for me to find time during the day to study small sections in a binder rather than several chapters out of 3 different textbooks. Yes it is expensive, but it works well for me. It is ultimately my responsibility to know all the material, so I double check with Excelsior's Content guide for the exams to make sure I have covered everything. I live in Princeton, NC - where are you?
  8. NurseTrishaH

    needle stick injury

    I think it would still be the original hospital's responsibility to follow up. I had a blood exposure once (large amount of blood in my eyes/nose while working at a blood bank). I started the exposure protocol immediately, and was able to follow up with the labs once I quit. No questions asked. Sounds like the employee health person doesn't want to do the job.
  9. NurseTrishaH

    Need help with a Developmental paper!!!

    Start with doing most of this work yourself. Then ask specific questions if you get stuck. I already went through nursing school. Now it seems to be your turn.
  10. NurseTrishaH

    Be a nurse or not?! HELP ME PLEASE!

    Stick with being a dental person. Rarely, if ever, will you have to deal with poop. Vomit, maybe more so, but still not often.
  11. I don't think in an initial interview with the nurse manager would be the appropriate place to mention health insurance. They don't really care... but like other posters mentioned they worry about call offs, frequent doctor appointments, or not being able to physically do the job. Maybe you could stress how you can run circles around some of the other nurses. I would try to make a joke about how the excess weight just adds momentum and you keep going.
  12. NurseTrishaH

    best type of gloves

    Non sterile is fine. My favorite type are the ones that have no holes or rips after a particularly messy clean up.
  13. NurseTrishaH

    Question about strep throat

    I worked in Family Practice for a few years, and smelled it quite a few times. Not every person has that distinct smell when they have strep.... it's one of those things that when you smell it, you know it's strep. Can't quite describe it though.
  14. NurseTrishaH

    Accommodations in nursing school- are they good?

    I agree with you. Despite what a person truly desires, some people are not cut out to be nurses. I went to school with a person that got extra time on tests, got to go to a quiet room to do the test, and at one point had a proctor in the room reading the questions outloud. How is this gonna pan out when in an urgent situation? People come with all sorts of problems. Some don't read very well, some are terrible at math. But you have to take a good look at yourself to determine if your weak points can pose a huge problem. For instance, I believe I would make a terrible waitress. I am incredibly clumsy and would end up covering patrons with food. So, I never became a waitress. Same thing with nursing - if you can't do the work, don't become a nurse.
  15. NurseTrishaH

    Giving a flu shot to patients without a signed consent?

    I don't recall ever signing a consent form for either of my 2 kids (now 5 & 6 so it's pretty fresh in my memory). Nothing wrong though with giving the parents an info sheet on the immunization, then having them sign a consent form stating they understand the risks and benefits. My only issue with your post is trying to link autism and the flu vaccine. Hasn't this been laid to rest yet??