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  1. angelrain820

    Davita or rehab?

    I would go with the rehab position. I currently work at Healthsouth and it's been a great learning experience. We practice many medsurg skils. Most importantly, though, you will learn the two most important skills for new grads: Time management and prioritization. I have been there ten months and just began looking for hospital positions. Had an interview last week for a surgical unit and have one scheduled next week for a pediatric medical unit. Good luck with whichever you choose!
  2. angelrain820

    New grad RN moving to Oahu

    I am in the same boat except that i will have 9 months experience when we leave in May. The other day I emailed my resume and cover letter to the email address listed on the TAMC website. I received a confirmation that it was received and will be forwarded to unit managers. I suggest you take that first step with Tripler since the application process takes many months. Also look into the other main hospitals. Many residency programs would love an RN with a little experience under hher belt. GL!
  3. angelrain820

    Health South Rehab Hospital?

    I started at Healthsouth in August as well. Received 6 weeks of training with the same preceptor. I am a new grad, so this helped tremendously. I was also allowed more orientation time if I felt it was needed. I felt ready after the 6 weeks to be on my own and have had plenty of support from other nursing personnel. It has been a great experience so far, but from what I hear it wasn't this way in the past. There have been recent changes with the new DON that have had a positive effect on our facility.

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