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  1. angelrain820

    How to get a NICU job?

    If you can, take NRP. Join a neonatal nursing society. Read neonatal journals. Apply, apply apply! If you score an interview, let them know that this is where your passion lies. Good luck!
  2. angelrain820

    Davita or rehab?

    I would go with the rehab position. I currently work at Healthsouth and it's been a great learning experience. We practice many medsurg skils. Most importantly, though, you will learn the two most important skills for new grads: Time management and prioritization. I have been there ten months and just began looking for hospital positions. Had an interview last week for a surgical unit and have one scheduled next week for a pediatric medical unit. Good luck with whichever you choose!
  3. angelrain820

    New grad RN moving to Oahu

    I am in the same boat except that i will have 9 months experience when we leave in May. The other day I emailed my resume and cover letter to the email address listed on the TAMC website. I received a confirmation that it was received and will be forwarded to unit managers. I suggest you take that first step with Tripler since the application process takes many months. Also look into the other main hospitals. Many residency programs would love an RN with a little experience under hher belt. GL!
  4. angelrain820

    Health South Rehab Hospital?

    I started at Healthsouth in August as well. Received 6 weeks of training with the same preceptor. I am a new grad, so this helped tremendously. I was also allowed more orientation time if I felt it was needed. I felt ready after the 6 weeks to be on my own and have had plenty of support from other nursing personnel. It has been a great experience so far, but from what I hear it wasn't this way in the past. There have been recent changes with the new DON that have had a positive effect on our facility.
  5. angelrain820

    Working as an RN in a GS Position overseas

    It looks like there should be a locality pay added to your base pay as GS 7, but I'm not sure what it would be for Okinawa. Try googling overseas locality pay for government employees.
  6. angelrain820

    Confused...wat can i do to get a Job?

    I do know that Parkland was interviewing experienced nurses for its critical care/emergency nursing residencies, so yes some hospitals do offer residencies/internships for those looking to change specialties, etc. Good luck with your search.
  7. angelrain820

    Where are the jobs in San Antonio?

    Methodist offered me a position (that is, before I ended up in Dallas). You can always try hospice-many of the hospice centers were needing volunteers so perhaps there is a similar need for nurses. Also try NIX.
  8. angelrain820

    Desperate in DFW

    I feel your pain. I applied to a few hundred positions as well. Shot down by HCA and no word on the others. All this with a BSN, 4.0, LOR's, volunteer experience, membership in professional organizations, the works. I was feeling pretty down until I received a call back from Healthsouth. Interviewed and was offered the position, thank goodness. (Also interviewed with Parkland last week, but have not heard back). Definitely take Commuter's advice. Yeah it's not the hospital, but it is a job and experience. And Healthsouth pays more than the hospital new grad positions. Good luck.
  9. angelrain820

    Army new graduate board for FY2012

    Hmmm, well i start working next month at an acute rehab hospital. I plan on staying there for a year then heading to Hawaii with my husband (active duty). The recruiter suggested checking back in 6 months and looking into the reserves. He says it is pretty easy to transition to active duty after awhile with the reserves but I have some doubts. I'm assuming acute rehab will qualify as experience...? I wonder if they would still offer a course guarantee if they are no longer accepting new grads.
  10. angelrain820

    Army new graduate board for FY2012

    I recently spoke with a recruiter about this. He stated that the army is no longer accepting RNs for active duty with less than 2 years experience. In other words, no new grads. Has anyone heard this? He said reserves is 6 months experience. Hmmm, so no new grads at all...?
  11. angelrain820

    9 months pregnant-what to wear to interview?

    That's what I was thinking--thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, just a quick question. I am a new grad and have an interview scheduled for next week:) I will also be 40 weeks pregnant next week and am wondering what exactly I should wear to the interview. I definitely want to appear professional but also do not want to spend $200-300 on a maternity suit. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  13. angelrain820

    Prove my Mom wrong, please

    I was pregnant when I started first semester. Had the baby the summer between 1st and 2nd semester. He was 5 weeks when 2nd semester started. It was a pretty straightforward pregnancy though with minimal complications. I breastfeed him all the way through 4th semester until he was 16 months old. When he was 12 months old I found out we were having another. I just graduated this past December 6 months pregnant. This is my fourth so I've been pregnant twice, breastfeeding, and taking care of 3 kids during my 2 years of nursing school. It's not easy, but it can be done. I relied on Zofran during those first months to make it through clinicals and had professors that allowed me to take breaks to pump during the day. I also had a wonderful husband and a good daycare (although expensive!) and somehow managed to graduate with a 4.0. Whether you are in school or working, either way it is going to be difficult, but eventually you just gotta live your life. Good luck!