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  1. A Blooming Rose

    I like being different.

    Are you SERIOUS?!?! I get it, thats just how the world works and you have to follow the rules....but I guess I just didn't actually believe people think like this!!!!! And at age 23...we tend to be a more accepting generation. ???? Im kind of in shock, I find this thinking ridiculous.
  2. A Blooming Rose

    My clinical instructor gives me anxiety - advice?

    ahhhhh, and the 'get used to it' advice never fails to appear. Very helpful
  3. A Blooming Rose

    Why did you pick your username?

    [color=#0055bb]thought it was a good way to express the journey ive started, and where i hope to be someday. just getting started but it will all be worth it! [color=#0055bb] [color=#0055bb]blooming: achieving a state of healthful beauty and vigor, flourishing, etc. :)
  4. A Blooming Rose

    Scared of the docs!

    I LOVE this!!!! Seriously probably some of the best advice I've ever seen, and I'm definitely going to use this whenever I'm uncomfortable around someone :)
  5. A Blooming Rose

    Familiar with Evening/Weekend Program at Tri-C?

    Thanks ScottE. I have done that actually... looked at the nursing courses in a specific semester then searched the schedules for them online. I wasnt 100% sure that it was an accurate way to get an idea...plus you can't see when the clinicals are (they do give u an idea of how many hours/days I know).
  6. A Blooming Rose

    Scared of the docs!

    Get a life! Its really irriating to see this stuff on this site. It makes you look like you are a miserable person who jumps at the chance to put someone else down and its a really ugly quality. You can't HONESTLY think thats appropriate advice to give the OP or that she was actually looking for a response a long those lines. Sorry, not trying to derail from the original topic but everytime I see stuff like this I find it more and more ridiculous.
  7. A Blooming Rose

    Familiar with Evening/Weekend Program at Tri-C?

    I am also curious about tri-c's evening/weekend program...I am wondering what you can expect your week to look like. 4 days total with classes during the week maybe clinicals saturdays and sundays (just an example of what I mean) something like that. Thanks!

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