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    Hello, I am a 1st year nursing student 32 yrs old and married with children. I was prior service in the Airforce in 1988, and was wondering if anyone knows if I am too old to go back in, as an officer, once I complete my BSN? If so, can anyone give my some advice or options?

    Thank you

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    there is no such thing as as too old for "Army Nurse Corps", I have seen some pretty old 2nd LTs.

    But I do believe the "magic number" for the Army is 35. Under that and its usually no big deal.

    When all else fails call your overly friendly recruiter.

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    You might also consider checking out a VA scholarship if money is the issue here. They paid my last half of nursing school in exchange for my working for them (at full pay, of course) for a year after I graduated. Your school's financial aid office should have all the info you need.
    Talk to your USAF recruiter and see if they can offer you a deal that might be useful to you right now.
    Good luck.
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    The magic number for war critical billets..which nursing is one of..
    is 47 y/o. That way you can still do 15 yrs for a pension prior to mandatory retirement age of 62.

    I almost went back in at that age, but did not have any desire to be the oldest Ensign in the Navy.

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    I'm prior enlisted in the navy and am seriously considering the army reserves. I'm 44 and have been a critical care nurse for 8 years.
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    I know the Army is 35. I was a medic/EMT for 4 years as an enilsted member, and am considering going back into the Army or maybe the AF as a nurse once I graduate in 2 years with a BSN.

    I talked with the recruiter for the Army and they will allow you to go in until you are 35, but you will only be commissioned as a 2nd LT (O1), where in the Air Force they will commission you as a 1st LT (O2) upon entering as a nurse. I am considering both and have not decided yet. I loved the Army when I was in, but I was raised as an AF brat and my boyfriend is an officer in the AF. When comparing stories, I do feel that the AF does treat their service members a lot better than the Army does.

    Well, I hope that may help some! Good luck to you whatever your choice!
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    I just spoke to a AMMED recruiter for the Army and he told me that the age for Army Nurses ar 21 to 46 and you cal also read it at www.goarmy.com under Becoming an Officer then Direct Commisioning, the AMMED then Nurse Corps. I don't know if I wrote all this correct but hope it helps.
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    When I came in to the Air Force 3 years ago the age limit was 35. Also, your rank at commissioning depends on your years of experience. 0 to 4 years=2nd Lt, 4 to 8=1st Lt and 8 to 15=Captain. I have cared for patients from all branches of the military and they all agree that the Air Force takes the best care of family. The Army saying is "we didn't issue you a family, so we don't really care.", according to my Army patients. Just something else to consider.
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    Also one other thing is if you were proir enlisted they take the number of years you served away from your age. For example you are 40 and served 4 years prior service the military would consider you as 36 for purposes of joinng.

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