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1st year nursing student, married with 3 children

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  1. kawrn712

    Psych Nurse seventeen years

    Hello Pat, I read the post that you wrote and just wanted to ask you why wouldn't you recommend a nursing student to go into psychiatric nursing right after graduation?
  2. kawrn712

    A polite request for psych nurse info

    Hello, my name is Kim and I am a nursing student interested in psychiatric nursing with children and adolescents also. Would you mind sharing with me what you do, the education needed, etc? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  3. kawrn712

    Options for officer enlistment

    Hello, I am a 1st year nursing student 32 yrs old and married with children. I was prior service in the Airforce in 1988, and was wondering if anyone knows if I am too old to go back in, as an officer, once I complete my BSN? If so, can anyone give my some advice or options? Thank you Kawrn712