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On the verge of deploying as an Army Nurse - page 2

Back in January I looked at my phone and realized that I'd missed a call -- it was from our ER chief, my boss's boss. Uh-oh. Now what? I listened to the voicemail and just about dropped the phone: it... Read More

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    Wow Lunah! When I saw the title of this post on the right side of the homepage, I knew it was written by you. Congrats and best of luck. In all honesty, I am bit a jealous of you because I know you're going to do some amazing work and gain some great experience, but mostly I am very proud of you!
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    ..transfer to the airforce and get air conditioned tents
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    Wishing you a safe journey!
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    Lunah you keep your head down! You are such a strong and compassionate nurse....thank you for caring for our troops.....
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    So very sorry to hear about the passing of a fellow soldier. I look up to you tremendously as I have aspirations to become an Air Force nurse in the future. Stay safe and we'll be thinking of you!
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    Quote from puravidaLV
    ..transfer to the airforce and get air conditioned tents
    Ha! Never. I am too tattooed for the Air Force anyway! HOOAH
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Ha! Never. I am too tattooed for the Air Force anyway! HOOAH

    Well said...about the AF--->whimps Not trying to start an internet war/fight. Just being sarcastic.

    The AF has their place and we--Army, have ours.

    Good luck to you LunahRN.

    You will have the best experience. Stay safe and watch your six.
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    Good luck and God Speed.

    Been to that (lack of a better term) crap hole before. Many experiences and missions after 12 years in the Army ranging from CJSOTF units to Mech. Infantry. Overall, I don't regret one day and I had an awesome team to work with. Best part... you save lives.
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    Congrats! It a bittersweet moment. I know you are looking forward to the rush and the down time when it comes. Your unit becomes your second family
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    Hi all,
    I'm considering all branches of the military to start my nursing career after nursing school. Can anyone shed any light on the quality of life as an army nurse? I'm interested in becoming a critical care nurse.
    Thanks in advance
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    Lunah - if you are passing through Bagram on your way, stop by the Joint Hospital and see me! I'm in the ICU everyday. It would be so cool to meet you after all this time! We've both been on this journey for awhile.

    An FST will be such a great experience! Congrats!

    May your deployment be slow and boring (that means less of our boys need you).
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    Good luck lunah!