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    Hello everyone, I just recently received my lic as a lpn but i have been working in the medical field as a ma with extensive exp ( about 10 years) and would like to know how can I began searching for a job at a va hospital in md dc or va or a civilian nursing job. and does anyone know how much the pay is I am getting conflicting information from the web ( of course?) please help!!

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    The VA hires LPNs all over the country, but sometimes it's tricky to figure out what the setting is (hospital, outpatient, etc) when you read their job postings. They don't have one pay rate set in stone for an LPN. It depends on the care setting, your experience level, and your geographical location. Any civilian can apply with or without military status. Hope this helps!
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    I plan to go to the VA Hospital near my home in the next week. They have no LPN job openings right now, but I am marching right into their HR dept and will introduce myself and fill out an application, for them to keep on file. I heard of someone doing that recently, and she got a call within a few weeks about an opening (that wasn't even posted on USAJOBS.com - which is where you can search for LPN jobs). Hey, what do you have to lose? and the benefits/pay and helping those who served our country are worth the effort
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    I have tried for over a year to get a job at fort meade,Maryland. I just assume its who you know. I'm gonna see if I can call or go to their HR and fill out an application. I was a ma w 18 and 2 yrs as a LPN. Thanks for the info
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    I am gonna say probably 14 to 15 dollars an hour. Here in Texas it was ~27K at at a few of the AFB. The VA was 34K for no experience. It is based on experience and time at the hospital because they use the government paygrades.
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    American hospital service group is the main civilian medical contractor for many military hospitals...they do not hire lpns....
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    I'm currently an LVN working within the VA system. Pay is based on prior experience, but in Cali the minimum they will start you out at is 38k/year. Pay is also based on your geographical location, and makes a huge difference. You also have 10 paid government holidays, shift differentials, TSP (401k equiv) matching, a nice pension, great benefits, and they are known for encouraging you to stay in school (even says so on their website) hence they are flexible with your schedule. They hire in-house first, which means if you get your foot in the door as an LPN and continue your education (RN or whatever else) they will utilize you.

    I'm still young, but I i've had a lot of different jobs, and this is the first job i've ever actually enjoyed, and took pride in. I intend to stay here throughout my career.

    good luck
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    Try a teaching hosptal, I hear they do employee lpns. I have been an lpn for 2 years now and it seems to me that most lpns work in LTC,S. I would like to work for a private practice, I think I would be very comfortable there. I have worked ltc for 5 years{ 3 as a cna & 2 as a lpn} I think it is time for a change, well best of luck to us both on our quest.
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    Any updates to this? I am looking to apply to the VA in Houston as an LVN (LPN) for my first job. I know an RN that has been there about 4 years, so I kinda have my foot in the door. Was wondering if anyone had an update or more info on base salary for LVN/LPNs at the VA in Houston. From what I've heard/read it's considerably higher in Houston and San Francisco than anywhere else in the US.
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    Hello. I am new to allnurses.com, but here is what I know about the VA and GSA nursing jobs. They pretty much do not want new grads. It will state it in the job posting either on the VA website or USAjobs.gov. And also the resume you need for those jobs is way different than if you were to go to a civilian job. It is a long process that can take months until you get hired. The only thing you can do is read the job announcement in its entirety and follow the steps. The nursing school you have gone to needs to be accredited or they will not hire you and you need to have a nursing license in hand before you apply. Remeber it is the federal government.

    Hope this helps.

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