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  1. Celebrate Our LPN/LVNs October 7-13, 2018

    That's wonderful that you work a job that needs and appreciate LPNs.. I wish I could say the same.
  2. Celebrate Our LPN/LVNs October 7-13, 2018

  3. Celebrate Our LPN/LVNs October 7-13, 2018

    I have been a LPN since 2009,work for Kaiser Permanente since 1994. It was a pleasant experience while as a Medical Assistant. since being a LPN Kaiser has on numerous occasions tried to get rid of LPNs or convert our positions to Medical Assistant. ...
  4. Have been told LPN BAD idea

    I work here in Maryland,at Kaiser Permanente. I'm a Oncology LPN and I'm at 55,000 a year. Been pretty good to me,Yes I'm working on becoming at RN. The Lpn program wasn't a waste for me. It was very helpful. I work Mon-Friday. No weekends or holiday...
  5. LPN or Medical Assistant

    Was a MA 1st,enjoyed it.worked in Doctors office and good experience. The pay was ok too...decided later to become a lpn now making $26.96 a hr I couldn't work in Oncology at Kaiser Permanente without my LPN skills...I flush ports,Start IVs,Injection...
  6. Kaiser Per Diem LVN

    Im a LPN at Kaiser here in Oncology Baltimore,Maryland. Kaiser is a great place to work for..Management has put LPNs thru a lot of downsizing because we have CAs(Clinic Assistant) they can do some things that LPNs can do. Its probaby cheaper.Our unio...
  7. Hard time finding job in Chicago, Illinois

  8. lpn or rn

    You can do anything you put your mind to!!
  9. Will LPN's be around for long?

    Kaiser Permanente here in the DMV(DC,MD,VA Area are phasing LPNs out because they upgraded the Clinical to Medical Assistants...its cheaper...We are union,non for profit company...huge mistake....
  10. Am I Too Old to Start School?

    Good advice,im 49 and working on my RN..my job has had a roller coaster of going back and forth with the lpn and we are still there.
  11. Will LPN's be around for long?

    Certainly used at Kaiser...I work In oncology and do the non-chemos infusions,port flushes,injections(sandostatin,lupron,B 12s)been good experience so far..
  12. Brian Short News

    My condolences to the family.
  13. I work in Oncology at Kaiser Permanente. I do all the non chemo infusions,port flushes,injections.
  14. Will LPN's be around for long?

    Yeah,Im.a lpn here in MD and work for Kaiser in the Oncology Dept..Good experience
  15. Any specialty type LVN's ?? what's yours?

    Im a LPN and I work in Oncology...good experience from Port flushes,IVs,Infusions,etc.