MARS: electronic or paper?

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    With healthcare reform - aren't paper MARS supposed to be banished and all health care facilities will have to start using electronic MARs and charting? This is what I have heard - does anyone know details? I know some LTCs are using computers but it sounds like a lot of them are still using paper. What system does your facility use and what do you think of it?

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    I thought it was by 2015, bu some states are requiring it sooner. The facilities I have dealt with it is a combination of all paper, all computer, or both. I have dealt with Momentum (pretty good), Achieve Matrix (really liked it), Point Click Care (good).
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    Still 100% paper charting here. Computers are basically only for e-mail and some med re-ordering. Located in FL.
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    We have EMARS and ETARS. In 8 weeks we're going 100% electronic. I'll let you know how it's going.
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    I worked in a facility where it was all paper charting and it drove me crazy. Where I am now is a paper MAR system that has been in place 23 years! But we make progress notes on computer. It seems to me that a EMAR would greatly reduce errors in LTC and you could do the med pass faster and easier.
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    I agree with hope3456. I think an EMAR would also ease some transcriptions woes that also come with a paper MAR system. Also, perhaps medication re-ordering could become somewhat more automated?
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    I am a new nurse but I used paper MARs for about a month and then we switched to EMAR. EMAR is sooooo easy. Only hurdle is entering orders but it is easy to learn after a while. Can't believe there are facilities without plans to transition.
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    It is so frustrating to know the technology exists to make our job easier and safer for patients but facilities will not implement it. I have heard that the "older nurses" who are usually in management - are intimidated of using EHR.
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    On my regular job we use EMARS (which I love) and paper charting (which I hate). The best thing about the EMAR is the medication orders. I also work in a facility PRN that has paper MARS and computer charting. Of the two the EMAR is more liberating than the computer charting.
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    Heard the deadline was 2014.

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