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  1. dorrybnursing

    Taking the NCLEX multiple times

    Here's the thing it can work both ways with test taking skills. I believe myself to be an excellent test taker, do I know the material, understand the concept, not always but I can get the answer correct enough to do well on your test. Because I know...
  2. I failed my first NCLEX with 130 questions. For my second attempt I used Brilliantnurse.com, this prep site focuses more on breaking down and understanding the questions rather than content. I passed the second attempt 45 days later with 75 questions...
  3. dorrybnursing

    Anyone Who Says They Don't is Lying: Medication Error

    If a penalty for a med error is too punitive nurses will be reluctant to self report.
  4. dorrybnursing

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I just graduated this August. I almost used all of my 7 years to get the program finished. When I started I wanted to do Med-Surg in a hospital setting and couldn't as a lpn. After working 10 years in long-term care I decided to take a house supervis...
  5. dorrybnursing

    Anatomy and Physiology

    I took the test last year. It's heavier on the P than the A which is the opposite of my preference. Good Luck the test is all over the place.
  6. dorrybnursing

    Nclex rn 2nd time failed

    I used Mosby mostly.
  7. dorrybnursing

    Nclex rn 2nd time failed

    I used Brilliant Nurse (which ceased operation this week), but they taught more strategy than content. I also brushed up on lab values, which came in very handy.
  8. dorrybnursing

    Nclex rn 2nd time failed

    You could have had the same problem that I did. I passed my PN test with the minimum number of questions 10 years ago, really didn't feel like it was very hard. I have worked as an LPN for 10 years so I didn't study very much for the Nclex RN, well I...
  9. dorrybnursing

    I'm an Rn

    I started Excelsior six years ago when I was doing long-term care. I was certain that I wanted to do Med-Surg in a hospital setting. After so many years in the nursing home, I realized that I love the geriatric patients and what we can do for them. I...
  10. dorrybnursing

    I'm an Rn

    About $8000 for me.
  11. dorrybnursing

    I'm an Rn

    After a long and expensive Excelsior journey I found out I passed my Nclex on Wednesday. I am officially a registered nurse.
  12. dorrybnursing

    Just finished my nclex freaking out!

    I just got back from taking my exam for the second time. I had 75 questions, I don't know how may SATA but it felt like a million. No advice now all you can do is wait
  13. dorrybnursing

    EC College Writing

  14. dorrybnursing

    EC College Writing

    Is the Uexcel writing test only essays or are there questions involved?
  15. dorrybnursing

    Excelsior colleg grads

    LVN didn't you do clinicals to get your LVN license? I believe that is what the other people posting are getting at. LVN/LPN do clinical rotations in MED/SURG, L&D, and the ER at least we did where I went to school.
  16. dorrybnursing

    Passed My CPNE at Grady 2/16/14

    So happy to report it will all be worthwhile in the end. This was my second attempt. Stop sitting on the fence. Just do it.