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LTC has changed-How do you give out 5pm meds now? - page 3

In the old days, we use to go inside the dining room and give patients their medications. Now I have discovered that it is against the rules now. I am always hearing that is is always best to give... Read More

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    Stupid rules are meant to be broken? Do you want someone interrupting YOUR meal? Probably not.
    We have lots of residents who request to have their meds with their we write the order that way and put it in the care plan. I have people who will NOT leave an activity when it's time for a blood glucose check so we care plan it. It should be what the resident wants...not about what the company wants or what the nurse wants.
    Long Term Care is a rapidly changing industry, especially in buildings where there are short term, skilled residents. On one hand, it is supposed to be a homelike environment. On the other it's a med surg floor without the same number of nurses on a med surg floor.
    My facility is pushing to start a CHF program and a cardiopulmonary program. I can't get the marketing/admissions liaison to get it.....anyone who has training can push lasix...that's not the skill. The problem is, the patient (not really a resident since they are short term) is quite ill and needs to be monitored and assessed. So while I'm in there pushing lasix and assessing the effect, the rest of my 22 patients are on the call bell needing pain medication or falling or complaining about the dinner. The government needs to reassess the reimbursement rates so I can have more RNs to take care of the sicker patients they want us to take.
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