How long was you orientation traing when you started in LTC?

  1. Well I have been working the last few days at my new job in LTC. It is a bit overwhelming and I have been shadowing 3 different nurses over the last 6 days. Here is my issue, next weekend they want me to start working on the cart alone (keep in mind the fact that I have not been able to do any hands on training with the nurses that I am shadowing) doing charting, treatments, admissions, discharges etc but without help. I have expressed my concern about not feeling ready to go out on my own just yet because I have not had sufficient training in my opinion. Just out of curiosity, how long was your training when you started in LTC? The workload does not bother me, I just want to make sure that I am trained correctly so that I can do my job safely.
    Thanks for any an all advice and tips on how to get through this.
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  3. by   SP1CEGRL
    as a BRAND new LPN at a long term care facility, I was given only three days of training and like you, I shadowed 3 different nurses, and each was on a different shift before I was thrown out to the wolves. I actually had to fight for my third day of training because after the second day they told me that staffing issues would not allow me to get my third day, but I did get it when I convinced them I wasn't ready. While I do agree the more training you get the better, you will never completely feel like you are ready to go out on your own and it will be very difficult at first. Hopefully your coworkers will be supportive as well as your supervisor and hang in there and you will get used to it!
  4. by   SP1CEGRL
    if you have any more days of training, ask whoever is training you to let you pass meds on a few people, you will be awfully slow at first, but it is important to try to get some hands-on experience before you are all out there by yourself.
  5. by   amandac2011
    As a beNd new RN I was given three days of orientation! Talk about scary
  6. by   nurseG2012
    I am a new grad RN who wad offeted a charge nurse position and only getting 3weeks... not sure about taking it...
  7. by   loveanurse777
    When I started I was offered 2 weeks orientation with the "option" to extend if needed. I shadowed with several different nurses. Some ignored me because they just couldn't multi task. Some used and abused me and just made me do their job. I was a new grad too. I did end up asking for more orientation only to get the response that no way in hell would I get any more training time and I had to suck it up and roll with it. So...after 3 months of having at least 3 hours overtime a day I finally got to the point where I was comfortable and went home on time. So it can be done, but it will take time. I was the only person to stay from my new hire batch and most of them were seasoned nurses. I stayed for two and a half years. Moved up to supervisor after one. As long as you have thick skin, patience, and a willingness to learn you'll make it. It will be tough. Get to know your patients. That's what's gonna make your day go faster. Ask questions during training. 3 weeks is actually pretty good. If your preceptor is ignoring you be proactive. Say, "I'll do the next patient" or "I can chart on these people". Take lots of notes.

    Good luck!
  8. by   pfeliks
    I came to lct as an experienced acute care nurse. My orientation to lct was 3 weeks. They asked me after2 weeks if I felt ready. I said no and got an extra week. I needed every one of those days of orientation.
  9. by   SRK77
    I received 2 days of shadowing and then I was on my own. At my current job, the nurse who was going to train me called in on my first day, the DON had careplan, so I passed meds based on pics in the MAR and by asking CNAs.
  10. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I had less than 3 days. Now that I'm in charge, I make sure the new grads get at least a month if not more of orientation to the med pass, admissions, discharges, treatments, and all the other systems we have set up. It makes a mess of the schedule, but in the long run, my new grads stay since they have gotten a good foundation. We have a program for employees who are CNAs--graduated from nursing school but haven't passed their boards. They observe from the day they graduate till they pass the boards. Their actual orientation as a licensed person is much shorter since they have already been exposed to everything.
  11. by   JZ_RN
    One night with a nurse who never worked that floor for 50 patients I didn't know and who could not tell me their own names for the most part. Asked for more orientation and they said no, do this or be fired. I stayed cause I had bills. I will never go back to LTC.
  12. by   lovingtheunloved
    As a brand new LPN? A day and a half.
  13. by   Isitpossible
    eight weeks!
  14. by   laderalis
    About 3 weeks. 4 on days. And 4 on nights Nd the rest on the shift I was hired for, afternoons. All with different nurses, but mostly the same residents.