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Have you all heard that this is a major issue this year with the DOH? We have 1 glucometer on each unit -6 finger sticks before breakfast and our trays arrive at 7:00. We now have glucometer wipoes that contain bleach. Our QI... Read More

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    As much to my surprise.. a pack of bleach wipes appeared on my med-cart today, to be used to wipe down the glucometers. They smell terrible.

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    Quote from michelle126
    I'm in PA and we were told we need to wipe our glucometers down in between residents. We were given alcohol based wipes.

    Does anyone have the actual regs or the place to find them?
    Anyone have any product names that they use and want to share?
    I had to change our policy this year because of this. I can't remember where the article came from, but surveyors were citing facilities with an Immediate Jeopardy tag because glucometers weren't being clean in between residents.

    This was back in Feb., so I can't remember all the details. I'll look around and see what I can find.
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    It takes too long for the thing to dry in between fingersticks. I have 1 hour that flies like 10 minutes to get 4 finger sticks, and not all the residents are around.

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