Geriatric Nurse show "Getting On"....have you watched? Geriatric Nurse show "Getting On"....have you watched? | allnurses

Geriatric Nurse show "Getting On"....have you watched?

  1. 1 I would LOVE to watch this show----it is on HBO. It's about a geriatric wing of a down and out hospital.....I think it's a "dramedy".....I don't know if it's more funny or serious. Has anyone hear watched it?
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    Yes I love that show! Very funny and realistic. Doesn't put nurses in a bad light at all.
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    Oh I watched the whole season the other day, it was a riot! (it's only 6 episodes) I love this show, it is funny and has moments of serious clarity as well. Well worth watching. Another season was picked up by HBO.
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    I LOVE it!!!!! I find a lot of elements of it to be incredibly realistic (although obviously not all of it).
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    Sounds like I need to get HBO....(for SO many other good shows, too!)
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    WOW, I see I posted this almost a year ago exactly!!! Curious what others think of this show?
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    I loved this show. Great balance between kind of dark and dry humor and what seems like realistic issues within the setting.
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    Reminds me of the show on Netfix "Derek" with Ricky Gervais. Comedic but heart warming bits.
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    Its a remake, the original was aired in the UK.
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    Yes! I think its hilarious and probably the most accurate "healthcare" show I've seen.
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    Love the show. Just got HBO and binge watched the first season. Should be requried viewing for anyone getting into nursing
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    I bought the first season on am a zon dot com. It was alright.