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Anyone who works around the demented elderly population can attest to the fact that they sometimes say the darndest things. Mr. Rider is a pseudonym for the slightly plump octogenarian nursing home resident who had some... Read More

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    Quote from That Guy
    I had a guy once who was dead set he was the king of some country. He kept ripping his tele box off until I told him it was the medal his queen gave him for conquering the heathens. He then had to show it off to everyone that came in he room proclaiming he was a great king.

    Also had another person refuse to go to bed because then us nurses would just have a "screw party"

    Sometimes it is just better and more fun to play into the peoples world.

    OMG thats hilarious.
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    I was assigned to an elderly gentleman with dementia in my first med-surg clinical. I'd go in to check on him, and he would take my hand and say "what is it about me that attracts you so?" He was so sweet, and so in his own reality that I just went along with it.
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    One day I was called to the dining room of the nursing home by the Care Aid to “deliver a baby”. An elderly woman with dementia was lying in her reclining wheelchair yelling “Fred, Fred call a cab, I’m going to have a baby! It’s coming, the heads coming! Fred HURRY, get that cab!” Funny because I use to work in Maternity.
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    We have a very demented lady who wanders throughout the unit, sometimes dusting things, sometimes carrying her sweater. Mostly, she is pleasant but sometimes has trouble with lower back pain. Because she speaks in "word salad," we have to really listen and watch her to be able to get her meaning. One day, as I was standing at the nurses' station, I saw her approach me with a very distressed look. I asked her what was wrong. She looked straight at me and declared, "My angel is flongled!" When I stood back and watched her as she walked away, I noticed that she was more bent over than usual and her hand was on her lower back. I went to the med nurse and asked her to medicate this resident for pain. An hour later, she had straightened up and was smiling as she wandered. So sometimes these demented residents are really trying to tell us something-we just need to learn to listen better!
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    An elderly doctor in the nursing home with dementia coming to the nursing station to order x-rays and lab tests on a fellow patient.
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    One resident calling out “Help me, help me” all evening, every evening for hours. When asked why he did this he said, “Just to see if anyone is home or if any of those teenagers are around”, referring to the care staff!

    One resident called his daughter from the nursing home saying, “I’ve been sitting here at the bus stop for hours and the bus doesn't come”

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    this happened to a fellow nurse: an elderly diabetic patient had just gotten a skin tear and said "well, let's not let this blood go to waste. got a test strip handy?"
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    One night two aides and I were struggling to change the brief of a very demented patient. He was little for an old man, but fought us all the way. As we finally managed to get him clean and dry, he looked me in the eye and said, "She's a pretty little girl, but a mean son-of-a-******."

    I've always regarded that as one of the most honest assessments of my character I've ever heard.
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    No flaming here.
    Know that if we don't laugh, we cry.
    That's me and my Dad's favorite saying when it comes to my Mom. It's so sad to see the once vibrant and independent woman that she once was now just a shell of herself. And to the person who got offended by this thread we've found that laughter can be a huge stress release and my Mom even joins in on it. She's in the hospital now after undergoing surgery for a fractured hip but she has everyone who saw her in stitches because she is so funny(and she was even laughing). I didn't get offended when they laughed with us.

    What does offend me is the ignorance of some medical professionals when it comes to dementia patients. You don't sit a call bell on their bed and tell them to use it when they need help or explain to them how to work the tv because 5 seconds later they are going to forget what you just told them. My Mom was at the ER for constipation a few years back when she was home and the nurse puts her on the commode with a call bell and tells her to ring it when she is done. Fifteen minutes later I go in to see how she is and she is just so confused-she had no idea what that string was for. Luckily the charge nurse I talked to today was willing to hear me regarding these concerns and came up with some solutions that work.

    Luckily the majority of the CNA's and nurses at the SNF where she lives now know how to treat Alzmeimers patients but every once in a while there will be someone who thinks they know it all and I have had to file a concern over one of them because she was bullying my Mom. That's what offends me, not the nurse who might laugh when my mom says or does something cute and funny.
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    I'm sorry but I don't agree. I value my elderly Mom who has Alzheimers very much but I still laugh when she says something that is funny or cute. So does she.

    That was in reply to the person who says this thread devalues the elderly.

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