Fake nursing/CNA licenses or what?

  1. I was curious about how much experience some of the CNA's and nurses at my LTC had so I looked up their licenses at the state board site. I found most of them at this site. However, some of the nurses and CNA's I looked up had no information about these persons. Is this just a mistake that they are not listed or is it possible that they just have fake documents? What do you think?
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  3. by   nnancy627
    No chance that the are just 'not listed'. Even if they changed their names, like got married- those changes have to be reported to the BON, or whoever tracks CNAs. You mention more than one even, is not located in the registry online, so that's going to be fun...
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Many females are licensed under different surnames than the ones appearing on their nametags or work badges. For example, one of my former coworkers is still licensed under her maiden name even though her nametag displays her married name.

    Another former coworker who remarried now has three different last names that she's had in her lifetime: maiden name, surname of ex-spouse, and surname of current husband. Her official documents contain her maiden name because she said changing her last name on everything was a hassle.

    Another coworker has never been licensed in Texas, which is where we live and work. She is licensed in another compact state (AZ), declares Arizona as her primary residence, and interested persons would hit a dead end if they were to look up her licensing info on the Texas Board of Nursing website since she's never held a TX license.
  5. by   dishes
    Failure to notify a BON and other licensing bodies of a name change, is considered a form of deception and can result in disciplinary action.
  6. by   mvm2
    Sometimes you have to type in the name exactly how they have it in the system. For instance when I was trying to see my name on the registry for CNA I typed my first and last name it was not showing up. But if I typed in my middle initial with it then it would show up.
    I'd also be very careful with going around and saying certain nurses and CNAs may not be licenced or certified. Because for me that would be a hurtful thing if someone would come up to me and say I was trying to look you up on the registy and you did not show up, and accuse me of working there without a certifcate. Also give your work place more credit as well. I am sure that they make sure everything especially licences and certifcates are well in order before hiring people.
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  7. by   BrandonLPN
    I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe you spelled their name wrong. Maybe it's a maiden name issue. Maybe you live in a compact state like Commuter said.

    That you're working with a bunch of fraud/fake nurses is highly unlikely.
  8. by   rumwynnieRN
    Yes, you're suppose to report a change of name to the BON, but some people will wait until their next renewal if they just renewed it, or they just forget or they get lazy as other people have mentioned. When I worked in a hotel, I came across quite a few people who didn't bother to change the address on their driver's license, and I figured that was a big deal because the person infront of me could be lying. These were also people who travelled frequently for business, and their companies were footing the bill.
  9. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I've had jobs where people had their middle names or nicknames on their work name tag. For example, Bill was licensed as David William.
  10. by   nnancy627
    Quote from dishes
    Failure to notify a BON and other licensing bodies of a name change, is considered a form of deception and can result in disciplinary action.

    Lots of people would fall off their chairs if they knew just how 'serious' such a 'slight' thing is, to not update your name, or address, as examples with MVD, the BON, etc. In some states you have only maybe 30 days to do either, then your DL becomes invalid- hence, you'll be driving without a valid driver license, which is a misdemeanor (a crime) in most states. Your BON spells out such penalties very clearly. I also know a few people that have moved across state lines and don't immediately get a new dl and registration- if caught here, after only 30 days of relocating, it's over $800 in fines plus the criminal charge.
  11. by   AKreader
    At the LTC facility, the aides are not required to be certified. Their names would definitely not be on that list...
  12. by   multi10
    Any licensed person can be tracked by Social Security Number
  13. by   applewhitern
    Surely their license is checked prior to hire, along with their criminal background check, drug screen, etc. Here in my state, the nurses have to provide their new license to their employer every two years, when we re-new. Not all of our nursing assistants are certified, however. We use a lot of Medical Assistants for our aides.
  14. by   BrandonLPN
    I think it's your duty to report these findings to your manager and the BON as soon as possible.