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Does anyone have any good tips for how to encourage an elderly person at risk for social isolation to go out and establish contacts and be more social? It seems that many residents could benefit from... Read More

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    When I worked in Assisted Living, the most popular activity was Free Fishing Day, when the state allowed fishing without a license. Other popular activities included Wii golf and music programs (except one very bad recorder/guitar duo). One man who had lived in the boonies all of his life loved peeling potatoes and shooting the breeze with the kitchen staff.
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    Recently I had a new admit who had a hx of not socializing. I took her to the dining hall (which was a place where alot of the residents congregrate). Next thing I know her and another resident are visiting and playing games together. I was jumping with joy!

    I think just finding out what they like to do and offering it. Also just getting them outta their room and into a place where others will be would help!
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