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  1. Hmm, those are all good things. Salaries are a bit lower, but obviously that might be outweighed by the cost of living. Thanks for the thoughts.
  2. Are there reasons why those states are good for nurses or do you just like that part of the country? I had actually been researching Wyoming a bit because I had seen in a couple of places that land can be really cheap there.
  3. I remember elementary school well enough to recognize your style of behavior and that you are trying to make me angry, but you are not succeeding.
  4. I’m confused. Can you quote where the OP stated she was so completely enraged? [Reference to your previous post, not actually asking.] Pointing out obvious hypocrites like you doesn’t mean I’m enraged.
  5. Exactly. I wouldn’t just read the cliff notes if it was like great literature or something. For a bill, the cliff notes is more than enough.
  6. This pointless line of conversation that you started when you tried to insult me by lying about how you read all bills and your mind is "boggled" that there is anyone out there who is too stupid to not READ (in all caps) any bill that might affect them (meaning pretty much all bills.) As for the bill, I didn't read it, but I know it's not "very interesting." I'm open to being proven wrong, but I would be willing to bet a lot of money that there is nothing "very interesting" in this bill.
  7. So your story changes again. First it was disdain for anyone who doesn’t read all the bills, then it was “well I only read all the bills that affect me personally,” now you are saying you only read bills that you mention on allnurses. Except, you aren’t even saying that; you are saying you would read “about” it. I’m basically 100% sure that you have never read a single bill in your entire life.
  8. Oh, then I’m assuming you read the new tax law that just went into effect? How was that 1000+ page read?
  9. Yeah, I’m poor enough that I often need to work that many hours a week, so it isn’t hyperbole. It boggles my mind to find out that you apparently read every bill proposed in your state legislature (and the US Congress as well, I suppose, since that also affects us.)
  10. Capp

    Playing Cards

    "Well, if we have an issue with nurses getting tired, let's quit letting them do 12-hour shifts, let's let them do 8-hour shifts. Like most standard shifts are," Walsh said on Tuesday. "Twelve hours, I know they want it, but then they come back and they start talking out of both sides of the mouth and telling us how tired they are." This is the part that is most interesting to me rather than the card playing part. It seems to show pretty plainly that she introduced the 12 hour shift ban out of spite.
  11. Does anybody have any insight into the best states for nurses as far as pay, cost of living, etc?
  12. The nurse that hung the antibiotic is fairly new so I suspect they might be doing the thing where you make up an imaginary rule and pretend that the new nurse is some kind of moron for not knowing about it. I've seen this a lot.
  13. A coworker had a one-hour antibiotic infusion scheduled for 0600. She opted to hang it at 0635 so it wouldn't finish at an inopportune time during the 0700-0730 shift change. Another coworker indicated that this was seriously inappropriate of her. They even said, "Well, it's your license on the line," implying that action could be taken against her license. I'm really curious what could possibly be wrong with this. An antibiotic scheduled for 0600 can be started any time between 0500 and 0700 (at this hospital at least) and still be considered on time. I don't see any reason why the person who hung the antibiotic has to be the one to saline-lock afterwards. It's not like you have to stay with and continuously monitor the patient during antibiotic infusions. If that were the rule we would have a 1 to 1 nurse-to-patient ratio. Does anybody agree with this other nurse? Is there something I'm missing that makes what the nurse did horrible?
  14. I think of all the passive-aggressive attacks poorly disguised as well-meaning attempts at psychoanalysis from a stranger on the internet that I've seen, this was by far the funniest. I think the last sentence really ties it together. If you were writing this as a satirical commentary on people who make those kinds of attacks you would be a comical genius. I also love how in your first paragraph you are criticising me for my example of a patient put in a very unfair position (a situation which is 100% inevitable based on the new policy) on the grounds that "realistically, how often does that happen?" So the number of patients that happens to probably is rather small, so who cares? Then, at the end of your second paragraph you conclude that you have so much empathy for this poor, random person on the internet that you've never met that you genuinely hope I somehow manage to overcome my clearly deeply pathological obsession with this imagined "injustice," for otherwise I will surely die a lonely, bitter old man. I've been thinking from the beginning of this conversation that it is interesting the way that people use words like "inconvenience," apparently to try to trivialize things to set up attempts at making me look petty. I don't think it really matters to me if we choose to use a word like that. Even just inconveniencing patients without good reason isn't right if you ask me. It also isn't a question of magnitude, as some people have implied. Yes, there are bigger injustices in the world; ISIS is worse than this policy. Yes, there are greater struggles that an individual may be forced to cope with in life. Yes, the patient in my example might be able to get to Walmart before they close and in so doing avoid the 14 hours of unnecessary pain. But it will cost them more than if they had gotten the prescription at an in-system pharmacy. And it will "inconvenience" them. I personally think that is enough to conclude that it isn't right. Side Note: Repliers who said things like, "I agree this is messed-up, but it isn't the end of the world," please don't think any of my rhetorical ripostes are directed towards you. We are, I think, in exact agreement. My original question was, "Is this messed-up?"

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