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  1. Capp

    94% oh HESI, but still nervous

    I'm going to buy these two books. Was it the Hesi A2 that you took?
  2. Capp

    Pre-nursing Statistics HELP!!!

    I never found a good source on the Internet. And I spent many hours searching because my statistics class was rubbish. Basically our homework and tests were not based on our textbook. I think my instructor was highly knowledgeable about statistics and just figured that she didn't need to read the book before making up the test questions. Most of what we were expected to do wasn't covered in the book. I spent ages searching the Internet for explanations of these concepts that weren't in the book. Each source that you find has a different explanation with different terms (or the terms mean different things.) It was so frustrating. Anyway, chances are you'll have better luck than me and get in an easy class like everyone else here where you don't need any extra help. If you do end up with a crumby class that forces you to search the Internet, my advice is to become an alcoholic.
  3. I could see someone who had a really cool career setting themselves apart, but I've never had much of a career. Thanks for all the ideas guys.
  4. Sand Dollar, that's really interesting. I wasn't expecting there would be any schools that were pure GPA. I'll definitely look into that. I just feel that with the schools with subjective selection processes there are going to be so many people with health-care work history and letters of recommendation from doctors and nurses (mine are just from teachers.) Maybe I'm being silly, but I just think 'why would anybody pick me over someone who's worked in health-care before.'
  5. There's a couple of them here in Washington that are based on GPA and test scores exclusively. I have a 4.0 (depending on which classes are counted.) It's funny, but I haven't taken the assessment tests yet. I'm just assuming my scores will be good enough. That probably sounds like a silly assumption, but I plan on studying many hours, and I usually do really well on tests. I just don't have any healthcare experience or anything, so I don't think there's much point applying to places that take that stuff into consideration.
  6. Anyone know of any good nursing programs that emphasize GPA and test scores? I'm skipping all the schools that use subjective selection processes that rely heavily on interviews, essays, work-histories, and letters of recommendation. I think I've finished tracking down all such programs in my home state (Washington), but I'm willing to move out of state. Especially if there's a program out there somewhere that selects based on nothing but GPA. Actually, what I would really like to do is figure out in what region a new graduate is most likely to find a job and then move to that region and go to nursing school there. That way when I've finished it'd be easier to get a job. I could say, "I'm a local. I've lived here for like two years." I don't know what that region is though.
  7. Capp

    I am losing my mind the wait is killing me

    I hate applying for things so I was going crazy a while back. But I've been alright ever since I realized that if I don't get in that doesn't mean I've failed and wasted my time and money. All it means is that I'll have to wait a little longer. When school is finished and I'm applying for jobs, I don't know what I'll tell myself to keep my sanity. "Don't worry, you can always work in a free clinic if nobody is willing to pay you."
  8. Capp

    Stupid questions!

    Thanks for the responses guys. I went to school in the US, so I'll have to try calling some of my old schools to see if they have my immunizations. The transcripts the college is giving me are all sealed in envelopes so I'm guessing this is enough to prove that I didn't fake 'em. One school told me I can send them this way. The third question still has me confused. I'll just ask them and let them find out how stupid I am. For most programs in this area (that I've researched), the start date is a few months away from the application deadline. If a school was different than that, why wouldn't they emphasize it better? I would hate to have to wait a year and a half. My plan was to run out of money by the end of nursing school. I don't want to run out of money before nursing school even starts. Oh well, if it comes to that, I'll figure something to do to pass the time.
  9. Capp

    Stupid questions!

    I'm starting to send out applications, and I have a few questions. Some of this I'm waiting on answers from schools, and some of it is stuff I wouldn't dare ask a school, lest they find out how stupid I am. 1. Do I need to get immunizations done? I was a baby when I got my immunizations done, I didn't have a fully developed brain, and I wasn't capable of understanding language at the time, so I forgot to ask to get documentation. My bad. I'm trying to get my records from the place where it was done, but they're in the UK so I don't know how long it'll take. If I don't have those records by the time I get accepted can I lose my spot because of it? Or can I just rush in and get it done? I know some of them require more than one visit. 2. Can I send official transcripts myself? Everyone says, "have your school send us your transcript," but I'd rather send them myself because it could take those guys at the college months to get around to sending it. If you send it yourself do they think it's forged or something? 3. Are we applying for programs that start 18 months after the application deadline? Some programs say things like, "the application deadline is may 1st in the year PRIOR to the Fall quarter in which you wish to enroll." That implies that if I apply this May and get accepted than I'll have to wait until Fall 2012 for the program to start. Is that a mistake? Hey, I said these were going to be stupid questions. -Mike.
  10. Thanks for the input. I'm going to contact some local hospitals and try to find something.
  11. I'm doing nursing prerequisites and haven't applied to nursing school yet. I'm looking for ways to improve my chances of getting in, and a friend of mine suggested I might be able to volunteer at a hospital or something even though I'm not qualified for anything (I'm not a CNA or anything.) Is there something that someone without any kind of certification can do? I can't imagine that they'd let me do anything that would look particularly good on a resume. I mean I wouldn't be allowed to work with patients or anything, and what school would care if they let me mop the floor at some hospital?