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I work in a Dementia Unit in LTC facility. My facility is changing pharmacy services. We are going to get computers in the med cart. Please share your experience how you feel passing meds with a computarized MAR in a LTC... Read More

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    Quote from systoly
    A computerized med cart doesn't sound like much progress. Carrying an i pad instead of pushing a med cart where all the meds are kept in a locked cabinet in the residents' rooms is how the nicer facilities in my area handle it.
    Wow!That's cool. Just curious is it a LTC facility? Please tell us more about that system.
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    My facility utilizes the Keane NetSolutions system & I personally love it. I work on the sub-acute unit within an extended care facility, and have only used computerized MARs in my time there. I hate hate hate when we have a power outage and have to use paper---just find it so confusing. What I love about our system is that a charting session really gives you a full picture of all orders you need to complete for an entire shift. We see presently due meds in green, upcoming meds highlighted in purple (great especially on a busy rehab unit with new orders coming in constantly) and treatments for the shift highlighted in grey. Also shows you PRNs on the same screen. In our previous system you had to download the 1600 med pass, but couldn't have treatments open at the same time. Love the ability to multitask & chart my treatments as I'm charting meds. Very few things I dislike about the system.
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    Quote from pretty70
    Wow!That's cool. Just curious is it a LTC facility? Please tell us more about that system.
    It's a retirement community and this is in the assisted living area. I don't work there myself, but I'll find out more and post.
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    my facility is slowly switching to computerized everything. we were told it was a law that was passed that by 2013 (i think) every medical facility needs to be computerized. we are charting on the computer and thats about it for now. i'm nervous for the electronic mar but i guess we all just have to go with the flow!
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    I LOVE IT!!

    the system I use when I work as an agency nurse, has barcodes... it is a real joy to do the medpass there...
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    I like it too, been using computerized med pass since 2005 at our facility. I can't imagine going back to paper.....
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    Are you at liberty to say the name of the kind of software/system your are using? PM me if you cannot. Thanks!
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    Been using electronic MAR and TAR for a few months now, and it's AWESOME. Once everyone got used to it, it reduced the amount of time spent on med pass by an average of 30-40 minutes, depending on the unit. Give it a chance. I think you'll like it.
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    LOve LOVE LOVE it...We went live in Oct-several of my co-workers who were computer ignorant quit before they even started the training.A couple more continue to have problems (they don't use PC's outside of the facility and are VERY resistant to any kind of change) The rest of us are very happy.We don't scan meds (eek-that would take too long with these folks) Our med passes are faster,errors are way down,we have more time at the bedside.We can order meds on the fly-we used to have a problem with running out of meds that are not part of our monthly delivery-that has minimized. I can't wait for the next phase-our care plans will be integrated.Imagine taking off half a dozen new orders,calling all of the first contacts, writing a nurse's note,ordering the meds and updating the care plans in MINUTES. AND if it's an unfamiliar med the info is right at your fingertips. And the nurse's notes-we have lots of templates and more coming .What a great resource. I can't say enough positive things.You will love !
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    Quote from wearingmanyhats
    I LOVE IT!! the system I use when I work as an agency nurse, has barcodes... it is a real joy to do the medpass there...
    But doesn't the barcode system take forever? If I had to scan EACH med before I gave it, I'd never finish on time. I have 40-50 residents on 3-11. Most of them get a bucket of pills. How is this doable??

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