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RNBearColumbus has 13 years experience as a ADN.

LPN 2005 - Columbus State Community College

RN (ASN) 2016 - Excelsior College

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  1. RNBearColumbus

    PTO in Hospice

    The hospice I work for is part of a larger health system, so we accumulate PTO every pay period based on years of service. Years 0-1, we accumulate approx 3.5 hours of PTO per 2 week pay period. Years 1-5, 4.5 hours per pay period. It goes up again after 5, 10 and 15 years. We are allowed to carry over unused PTO time from one year to the next.
  2. The patient's that died were not hospice patients. Most had recently been taken off vents, and the high doses of fentanyl and other opiates were ordered by the same physician. According to local news sources, the 23 people that have been suspended were nurses, pharmacists and managers who failed to follow proper procedure for the review and approval of orders. While we do use morphine and other opiates for control of pain and dyspnea at end of life, the doses are titrated to effect starting with smaller doses, and increasing as needed. We do not immediately start giving huge doses of morphine with the goal of "snowing" the patient or hastening the end of life. It really makes me sad that people on social media ( and even the mainstream media) have equated the actions of this one doctor with hospice and end of life care.
  3. RNBearColumbus

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    THIS! A thousand times this! Having all of the information in front of you BEFORE calling the provider will help you more than anything!
  4. RNBearColumbus

    Achieve Test Prep

    lol.. yeah, this is an old thread.. my response was in reply to Sindy1.
  5. RNBearColumbus

    Achieve Test Prep

    Cancel it. If you are planning on getting your RN from Excelsior, You can get all of the study materials you need directly from Excelsior. No need to pay a 3rd party for materials that are not endorsed or approved by Excelsior.
  6. RNBearColumbus

    Achieve test prep?

    Don't do it. They are nothing more than a middle man for getting your ADN from Excelsior College. Achieve Test Prep does not grant the credits, and does not grant the degree. Take a look at the Excelsior student forum here on All Nurses. A few people have quite a bit to say about Achieve Test Prep. Bottom line, if you are thinking of going through Excelsior for your RN, you can get everything you need directly from Excelsior. No need to spend extra money ( to the tune of THOUSANDS of dollars) on a third party.
  7. RNBearColumbus

    Getting ready for excelsior CPNE

    I was a LPN with 12+ years of experience when I took the CPNE in 2016. The biggest hurdle you will face as an experienced LPN is doing things the "Excelsior Way". Forget EVERYTHING you think you know about how to do things, and learn to do things the way that Excelsior expects you to do them during the CPNE. These message boards are filled with posts from LPNs that failed the CPNE the first time because they thought that they could do things they way they have always done them. You can't. Use the CPNE Study Guide and "relearn" the things that you need to do to pass.
  8. RNBearColumbus

    How long on average is your visit?

    I'd say your experience is fairly normal. I see both home patients and patients in facilities. My facility visits are usually much shorter than my home visits. As you've seen, in a facility there is much less "case managing" that needs to be done. You don't need to order / reorder meds, you don't usually have do any treatments, and with non verbal patients there is much less opportunity for social interaction. I spend more time at facilities talking to the staff nurses, making sure they have the resources they need to care for the patient, and that they have all the needed comfort meds in place. My average time for a facility visit is about 20 minutes if there are no new developments or needs. ( My average home visit is roughly 30-45 minutes, sometimes longer if the patient likes to be social or needs meds refilled etc.).
  9. RNBearColumbus

    Considering Hospice Nursing

    I was helped by having experience in long term care, then acute care. Care in LTC is very similar to home hospice in that the focus is on quality of life, not quantity. In both LTC and home hospice, you do what you can to make the best of whatever time people have left. In hospice, you have to realize that even though you can't fix what's wrong with a patient, your focus is on helping them to live what ever life they have left to the fullest extent possible, and as comfortably as possible. My fulfillment comes from knowing that I help my patients live their final days at home, with their families, and that they were as comfortable as we could make them. I also get fulfillment from helping the families of my patients cope with their loved ones end of life. (You won't just be a nurse for the patient, but for the entire family).
  10. RNBearColumbus

    Considering Hospice Nursing

    Hours and being on call depend on the agency you work for. As a home hospice case manager, I work Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30. I work every 6th weekend. I'm never on call. Our hospice has nurses hired specifically to work evenings and over night. Once 4:30 comes, I log off my computer and turn off my phone. They get turned on again the next morning at 7:45. I'm able to complete all of my charting during my actual work day, and never have to work "off the clock" Work life balance is good, at least where I work. I have a case load of 15 -18 patients at any one time. I see 4-5 a day. I have a HUGE number of resources I can rely on while I'm out in the field, including triage nurses, managers and physicians. Your experience certainly would be a good fit for hospice. I like the suggestion in the previous reply that you try to shadow a hospice nurse on his / her rounds.
  11. RNBearColumbus

    Relocating to Columbus, Ohio, average pay to expect?

    I think the range would be OK.. Come to think of it, I don't think that there is a spot on the OhioHealth online application to put an expected / desired salary in. (But it's been a couple of years, so I could be wrong...).
  12. RNBearColumbus

    Relocating to Columbus, Ohio, average pay to expect?

    Can't answer for OSU, but at OhioHealth, you could expect between 25.00 - 30.00 hourly with that level of experience. They do offer shift differential if you are willing to work nights. They also pay a differential for weekend shift. ( right around 5.00 extra an hour on Sat. and Sun.)
  13. RNBearColumbus

    Hospice house question

    I work for a hospice attached to a rather large hospital company in Ohio. We have both home hospice, and an inpatient hospice unit with 25 beds. I am a hospice case manager, and see my patients in their homes. However, once one of my patients is admitted to the inpatient unit for an acute reason, they are considered to be in the hospital, and I am not expected to see them while they are in the IPU. Even if they go to another acute care inpatient setting, I still would not see them. Once they are discharged, either to home or to a ECF or SNF, they go right back on my case load, and I start seeing them again. If they are at another facility for respite care, I would still see them, just like I do my other patients that are residents at a ECF or SNF.
  14. RNBearColumbus

    Excelsior college

    I second what Pixie said. The EC practice exams were well worth the expense. Take one test early in your studies, use it to see where you need to refresh your knowledge or go more in depth. As you get closer to the exam date, take the 2nd one and see where you might still have areas to improve on. I used them for every EC exam, and passed all of mine with A or B grades.
  15. RNBearColumbus

    PTO in hospice

    At our hospice we accumulate PTO at the same rate as the other RNs that work for our company. In the first year, you accumulate roughly 4 hours each pay period, and after the first year, around 5 hours per pay period.
  16. RNBearColumbus

    RN staffing ideas for HHH agency

    The hospice agency I work for has nurses the are hired to work days, evenings, and overnight. Case managers work M-F, 8-4:30, NO on call at all, and we work every 6th weekend. The evening and night shift nurses ( I think there are 2-3 of each) work a rotating schedule, and work every other weekend. There are also triage nurses working the same shifts. No one is ever "on call" except maybe for managers. It's done a great deal to reduce turn over.

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