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Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing - page 6

I believe rules can be bent at times. Heck, I feel that some rules can even be outright broken as long as doing so has brightened someone's day. Billie is a pseudonym for the septuagenarian... Read More

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    Quote from ktwlpn
    After hospice came on board why in the world were her diet restrictions continued?????
    The dietary restrictions were continued at the insistence of the resident's slightly overbearing daughter.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    The dietary restrictions were continued at the insistence of the resident's slightly overbearing daughter.
    Those are the folks who make want to stick pokers in my eyes!
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    Quote from NotFlo
    I think it's great that you did that. I just find it ridiculous that the facility maintained stringent dietary restrictions on a hospice patient. What could possibly be the rationale for that?

    Our CMO/hospice patients can eat whatever the heck they want in our LTC facility. I can't imagine any of our MDs insisting on dietary restrictions under these circumstances. I've seen "food for comfort" quite a bit. Even in pts that aspirate. Fluid and sodium restrictions DCs, etc.

    Even in non-terminal regular elderly LTC and/or dementia patients...these diets need to be as liberalized as possible. If I'm 90 in a nursing home I'm eating what I want.
    Agreed. More than once I have had security open the main kitchen for me at 0200 so I could retrieve something as simple as a Coke for a patient on a restricted diet with poor PO intake who was just jonesing for one. We do what we have to do!
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    Interesting how the daughter was so insistent upon what her dying mother ate, but couldn't be at her bedside for her last days.
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    Quote from cienurse
    I applaud you!! And isn't that what its all about-the resident??? You did nothing wrong and I admit I've done it myself! Especially with someone on hospice-the special diets should go out the window! I've been known to sneak in a few "special requests" for residents, even though we aren't supposed to give them anything we cook at home, I just couldn't resist a resident when she had a hankering for some New England clam chowder but couldn't have it because it was "too chunky." Well, I brought her some and I sat right by her every minute and she didn't choke once! And the thanks I got far outweighed the chastising I got from the Speech Therapist who thought I was just horrible to "tease" the resident with the chowder, knowing she could not have it again. But if she asks me, I'll bring it in as many times as she wants!
    My only issue with this is that she can silently aspirate. And especially in a nursing home, you don't have the capacity to intubate your patients. And if she had died as a result, your license, and her life is on the line. I'm all for sneaking burgers and cupcakes that aren't on someone's diet to patients to make them happy, but this one I feel is a direct safety concern.
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    Sometimes we have to bend the rules a little to provide compassionate care for our patients. Well done!
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    I am glad you did, you made someone happy at the end of their life.