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Yay! I'm getting pinned!!

  1. 6 I just have to say, that last final on Monday was a make it or break it moment for me. I took off from work on Friday and Monday to have 4 full days of studying - didn't shower, wore the same clothes, pretty much didn't move from my desk. I was super nervous but ended up turning it around and I passed! so I'll be getting pinned on 6/3 and have a summer internship in the ER of a local hospital as well - I'm so happy!

    Don't stop working hard for it, guys - it's tough but 100% worth it!
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    WOOP WOOP congrats!!!
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    Congratulations!!!! Hard work definitely pays off!!!
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    Job well done!!! Congratulations on getting pinned
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    Congrats! I know how you feel...I had a make it or break it moment on my final and luckily I made it so I know how you feel so congrats!
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    Congrats, I'm sure you worked really hard and I see that you worked through the program. That's really impressive, I also have to work and am extremely nervous. I should start in August.
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    Congrats. Good luck on the NCLEX
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