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  1. loveSBK

    Good ICU Nursing Guides?

    ICU faqs is a website with a lot of information, which you download as a word document. I've found this website very helpful. And it's free!!!!
  2. loveSBK

    ICU Assessment

    You need to start assessing patients in order to learn. Even though your preceptor doesn't explain everything, watch her attentively and make notes. Try to do an assessment after her and then explain to her your results. Practicing is the only way you can learn. Also, watch YouTube videos on head to toe assessments and they will help you. Good luck!!!
  3. loveSBK

    New Graduate RN having preceptor commucation problems

    Perhaps your preceptor is stressed and has been keeping things under the radar that maybe she should have talked to you about but decides not to to not discourage you. From what you wrote, seems like things were great in the beginning. 5 weeks before her demeanor changes is a long time, maybe something happened that you don't know about that made her upset. Try talking to her again, don't text her, have a face to face conversation. If that does not work, can you get a new preceptor?
  4. loveSBK

    Moving to Italy

    My sister moved to Switzerland after working here as a nurse with her BSN. Over there, unless the red Cross certifies that you can work as a nurse, they will most likely hire you as a tech. That's only speaking from her experience in that specific country. She had to submit her transcripts and prove that she spoke French at a advanced level. They denied her request as they said that she did not have enough clinical hours. Now she has to pay for a lot of classes and its very expensive. You may want to check the Red Cross website instead
  5. loveSBK

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 6

    I've been waiting for your post lol. I love how you are keeping a "diary". I love DC as well. For ACLS, its really not bad. I had a great teacher and he went beyond just to teach us and to understand especially why the algorithms are the way they are. The book was useless to me as I learned everything from class. But its a fun class. Don't be nervous. Use your critical thinking for the mega code,
  6. loveSBK


    ICU is very tough and you need adequate training. It's great to have a preceptor but I'm finding out that most stuff you learn when you are on your own but with that said, you should have the ability to ask questions when in doubt. The only way to learn is by asking and getting insight from more experienced nurses but seems like they are of no help to you for whatever reason. Definitely try to see if you can get a preceptor, if not then maybe find a different job with a better training program. Don't beat yourself up, we all make mistakes, no matter how small or big, we all do especially when we're new and we are developing our critical thinking skills. Keep your head up and hopefully things will get better.
  7. loveSBK

    Should I just take the lab?

    Take the lab class. You'll learn and you'll have it in case you need it. You wouldn't want to wait until next semester/year to take a lab class because you didn't get into school #1 (which did not require lab)and school #2 (which does require it). Never put all your eggs in one basket.
  8. loveSBK

    Feedback desired orienting new nurse

    When I first started orienting in ICU, I was afraid of talking to the docs or anyone else, and I was especially afraid of giving report. My preceptor always told me that I needed to practice my report so we started doing that, before change of shift I would give him report on both pts and he would point out things and that made it better. Also, now I am way more comfortable talking to doctors and other people, I am not afraid to ask something if I need to know. But its important to start early to build confidence, my preceptor always pushed me to do it even if I didn't want to.
  9. loveSBK

    This week, I have learned... (8/8)

    This week I learned: 1. That I can see myself improving as an ICU nurse. I'm still terrified but I'm learning how to use my critical thinking skills to advocate or anticipate needs for my patients 2. A person can go from completely flacid to kicking you in the face in a matter of a 12-hour shift 3. Going to CT/MRI will guarantee loss of IV access....on a already horrible super-hard to stick pt 4. Admission at change of shift means standing for 12 hours straight 5. I learned that keppra can make a pt angry
  10. loveSBK

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 3

    I love your posts. Sounds like you're getting more comfortable which is great. And sounds like you have a great support system at work as well, congrats!!!u PS. We had "I'm bringing sepsy back" as part of education class, it was awesome. Great way to learn.
  11. loveSBK

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 2

    I love your posts. I am a new grad in ICU as well, except my orientation was only 16 weeks and I'm now on my own. Going on my third week. I can surely relate to your posts. I can't wait to feel comfortable at my job. Thanks for the great posts!!!
  12. loveSBK

    New grads in specialties without the basics

    I think working in a floor like med surg would still require you to learn the skills you mentioned above, such as rolling and changing sheets. I think becoming better at this tasks requires time and experience. You'll have to learn all these skills in any floor. I started in ICU and I'm a new grad, and I do find myself wanting to be better at some tasks but I feel that I lacked the training in my school, and no matter where I go I will be the same. It's all about learning
  13. loveSBK

    Greatest fears as a new nurse (specific if possible)

    As a new nurse, biggest fear is harming someone. I work in ICU so I'm always scared and respectful of anything I do.
  14. loveSBK

    Today, I am thankful for......

    I am thankful for a good day in the ICU. Great patients, great families, and a day without any events!!!!!
  15. loveSBK

    This week, I learned..... (6/6/15)

    Thank you so much. It was just a tough week. Definitely seeing improvements though. I appreciate the support!!!!!!
  16. loveSBK

    This week, I learned..... (6/6/15)

    This week I learned that as a new grad working in ICU, I feel dumb more times than I care to remember, that I know the basics and even that is tough, and that ICU is the most stressful job ever!!!! I also learned that I constantly hear the pumps alarms, the bed alarms, the CVVH machine alarms, and any alarm that are common in the hospital in my head, even at night. Sometimes they will wake me up out of my sleep. I also learned how to manual shoot a cardiac output and how to calibrate the machine based on the svo2. So I guess not everything was bad.....