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Hey everyone, I hope there are plenty of nursing students/current nurses out there that are just as enthusiastic about fitness as I am. I live in Brooklyn, nyc, and this year I am planning to... Read More

  1. by   crossfitnurse
    Just keep in mind that you make your own priorities. Some students want social time and make partying or "going out" the priority with the free time. Not me haha! My free time and "me time" is my workout time. I love it

    You know what else I've done?
    I would workout and test myself at the same time. So if I'm lifting, I would answer a practice question or review some info and test my self on some between sets

    It worked when it came time for my respiratory lecture test!!!! planning on doing that again this semester!
  2. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Exercise for 1 hour a day if possible. Exerising is healthy and beneficial as well. It helps keep stress levels down, sleep good, gives you energy, less tired, and it helps you think faster and better by increasing your O2 levels.
  3. by   Cohiba
    Though it wasn't ideal (as much as I HATE running, nothing's quite as effective for me to keep weight off...), I spent a lot of time on the bikes, preferably the recumbent type, at the gym during school. The ones at the gym nearest my apt had bookrests on the console so I could set a textbook there and read/study while pedaling and I figure that was a good thing since if I was going to be sitting and reading, at least I could double-task and get some exercise at the same time. Before cardio I'd also do 40-50 pull-ups just to get some multiple-joint resistance training in but probably 90% of my gym time was on the bike.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    What is this "exercise" of which you speak?
  5. by   mclennan
    Yes, I want to know more of this strange phenomenon too, it is but only myth and legend in my realm
  6. by   bloodorange
    I'm hoping to get some exercise and avoid parking drama by riding my bike to class as much as possible. Might even get me more elbow room in lecture if no one wants to sit next to the sweaty chick
  7. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    I try to wake up early every day; right now for my summer courses, 6:00 AM works best. As quickly as I can get outside, I'm outside walking for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Over time, I try to increase my pace (I'm currently up to 4.5 miles per hour) as well as vary the direction of the walk.

    The school I'm attending does require all students (no matter their major) to take a 1 credit physical education course; so one of my summer courses is fitness walk / resistance train (it is a combination lecture, including tests as well as lab which is the actual exercise). So that adds on 30 to 60 additional minutes of exercise twice a week in addition to my walking schedule.

    I find that walking early in the morning works out great as it is cooler, calmer, and it gives me time to pray, think things through, and relax.

    Thank you.
  8. by   kkernagh
    I am a second year nursing student, and also like to achieve the same. I have had a hard time incorporating it into my busy schedule, and finding that its hard to get the motivation as the semester progresses. I suggest creating smaller goals for yourself such as yoga, and circuits that you can do in shorts amount of time. I also suggest these to help with the anxiety and stress of the program as well.
  9. by   katikati
    sprints! after each day I would sprint as fast as I could like maybe 5-10 times. Each morning I would do 20 push ups. I did end up gaining weight, but its all worth it- you will exercise it off when it is all done. Come NCLEX study time I did Orange Theory ( 1 hr intense class). Mind you I was also working part time, so you can handle some exercise some way.
  10. by   missnursingstudent19
    I've gotten really into exercising lately! I walk on a treadmill usually for about 40 minutes a day. I won't start my nursing program until the Fall, but my plan then will be to just work out when I can. I'll take advantage of the weekends which will probably be less busy. Another thing is that if you are using a treadmill or other exercise equipment, you can try reading or watching videos or something to study while you work out. It'd probably also help if you had some workout equipment at home so you could save time by eliminating the need to go to the gym.