why do good students get beaten down in nursing school

  1. Hi all

    I just had to ask this question as a first year nursing student. I feel like i am living in hiding because I am a student who gets 90+ on my tests. Yes I have gotten the occasional 80 but the majority of my grades are good. No i am not a "genius" or just a " good test taker" but I work my ass off and take pride in it.

    And now that I am going into med surg people are saying "well people who are good at nursing 1 usually fail med surg". I am just wondering when I can stop fearing that my good grades are a curse and I can actually be proud of my grades without someone casting stones my way.
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  3. by   AnAppleGirl
    I am not in nursing school yet (I start in the fall), but I have had this same experience during my prereqs. Mainly during A&P. It can get really discouraging when people make you feel bad about getting good grades in tough classes. I am right with you! I work my butt off for my good grades and I deserve to be proud of them.

    Maybe just use it to your advantage. Maybe people will see you as someone that they would like to have as a study partner. All I really have to say is, keep up the good work! Be proud of your hard work!
  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    Just keep doing what you're doing, don't let them beat you down. And stop saying what you got. If someone asks, just say "I passed". It's no one's business if you got a 90 or an 80. We seem to be a competitive bunch when it comes to grades and the ones who make high marks are the ones to beat! I learned after my first couple of tests to stop saying what I actually got, and a lot of times will downplay my grade. I'll say something like "I passed but not with the grade I was hoping for". It gets them off my back because they think I did worse than I did. There's only a few people who know my real scores. The teacher, me, my hubby and my best friend.
  5. by   Mewsin
    I get good marks. I don't care if anyone knows, everyone has only said positive things to me about it. I work hard, I'm proud of myself but I also want my classmates to know that it can be done. I also try and help everyone. I use quizlet, I make it public, everyone can use what I use to get my marks. If I'm asked for help, I'll help.
  6. by   Fireman767
    people said the same thing about our pediatrics exams, it was just people who were jealous of the students who tried hard and got good grades trying to scare others. Ive been told the same about med-surg, but i see students who arent good students (don't study or work for a good grade) struggling and the good students keeping consistent good grades.
  7. by   HouTx
    One of the most important characteristics of a competent nurse is Critical Thinking. This means that you don't make decisions or form opinions based on rumor, innuendo, hearsay or myths.... instead, you rely on evidence and personal knowledge/experience. This would be a great time to start.
  8. by   Halcyonn
    Quote from kvyates

    I am just wondering when I can stop fearing that my good grades are a curse and I can actually be proud of my grades without someone casting stones my way.

    When you stop worrying about what other people say/think.
  9. by   Esme12

    Hard work pays off.....there are always stories about that one teacher in high school or that one nursing instructor who fails EVERYONE.....they are usually urban legend .

    Feel good about your grades...congratulate yourself. But don't get over confident....I think many student think after the first semester and feel "I got this!" and slack off.....realizing all too late that nursing is one of the professions that you just have to keep on learning because it does get harder as you go along and you use everything you have already learned.

    Just keep studying with good study habits and tune out the nay sayers.

    Good Luck!!
  10. by   lifelearningrn
    It sounds like you're victimizing yourself when there is no need. Get your good grades, do your clinical, graduate and move on.
  11. by   Wrench Party
    I had a 4.0 average until I started clinicals, and then the lack of sleep, coursework, and the rest of nursing school 'reality' struck. I found myself busting my butt for Bs and Cs and don't regret any grade I ever got, because I worked my tail off for every single one. Here I am graduating and reflecting now on the last 4 years, and I'm glad that diploma will be in my hand within the next week.

    Grades are your business, and yours alone. If people ask, tell them politely 'I passed' and move on.
  12. by   Kimynurse
    My favorite is, when people say to my face.
    "people who get good grades are usually horrible bedside"
    Then they say, well I don't mean you, really I'm the only one standing here.

    They know I'm a LPN.
  13. by   Tait
    It doesn't matter where you are, there are always people waiting to watch you trip. All you can do is manage your own affairs and let them go about theirs. Your grades aren't a curse, they are a result of hard work that others either don't want to put in, or aren't having an easy time obtaining. Just ignore it.
  14. by   Live.&.Learn
    I'm barely passing with an 83%, and still have to take the final, anything less than 80% is failing...be proud of your grades, you're earning them. I am both "a good test taker" and "a genius", (lol, you all know I'm kidding, right???), but seriously, I once was a straight A student while taking pre-req's, and in all reality, no one breezes through this. If you're pulling 90's you're working for every single point, and if you are being criticized for it, than those people are just jealous. I'm as busy as any one can be, three little kids, work, school, etc. and I know that a lot of people who are working, taking care of a family, and going to school often judge other's who don't have as much going on, but the truth is, it's not easy for anyone, and if you are getting the grades, it's because you work hard for them. Don't let them get you down, you're doing great, and don't get discouraged, you've got this! Best of luck to you!