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You know, sometimes I wonder what kind of people my fellow nursing students were when they were in high school! We have the same career choice, but how close do we resemble in personalities? For example, I was always a tomboy... Read More

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    Hippie...hippie all the way. I got voted the best hair and smile out of the senior class! Not most likely to succeed....but with hair and smile, what else do u need? Lol.

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    I went to a private liberal arts school for wealthy students. It was grades 6-12, so I had been there SEVEN years by the time I graduated. Thanks to some very generous donors, I went to school for free. Most people were not on financial aid; I know a girl whose parents paid the $16k tuition in full every school year...and she started as a freshman.
    $64, 000 for a high school education!?

    Obviously, I did not fit in with these people. I was a minority, and they often got special treatment because their grandparents donated half a million dollars for our new gym or some crap. These were kids who routinely bragged about their daddy's new Porsche, or how their daddy was paying for them and five of their "BFFs!" to go on a European vacation.

    I had a lot of friends, but I was definitely not a part of the "popular clique." In 10th grade, we were asked to decide college majors. When I told the guidance counselor I wanted to do nursing, she looked at me like I had a third eye. "Why? There's this nice, private liberal arts school in Illinois...You could major in creative writing, or European History." No offense to anyone here with a liberal arts degree, but it definitely was not for me.

    I had some great times there. It was really a privilege to study there, despite the often uncomfortable social dynamics.
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    I was the chubby, quiet girl who read a lot of books and ended up falling in with the musicians and artsy kids.
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    Artsy kid who wanted to be a comic artist/tattoo artist. never showing up to class, always in trouble. not memories I am particularly fond of! thought I was too "dumb" to do anything else. Strangely, I always found my biology class interesting(the few times I showed up) but never thought anything of it. nursing was not on my list, in fact anything medical related was soooo far beyond my IQ(or so I thought), I never considered it. I was very good at writing and making up stories so I thought I would write fiction someday or teach. I still want to teach after a few years of nursing.:-)
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    Stoner/partier/slacker. My second home was detention (when I wasn't skipping THAT, as well as everything else). I was the kid other people's parents called "a bad influence." I wasn't a bad person, I'm certainly not now. I just didn't know how to deal with life, and had no guidance, so I hung out with other kids with the same issues.
    Fast forward to the present, and I'm married to a cop. I think it's pretty funny.
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    I was the band geek who tried to stay invisible. I was very smart in high school so I guess the trying to be invisible thing never worked.
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    Quote from AKreader
    I was the homeschooled weirdo who was taking college classes at the age of 16. Definitely not a genius, but responsible enough to get almost 3 semesters of college completed before I graduated high school.
    All for naught of course, because I transferred into a program my junior year, they start clinicals sophomore year, so I'm actually graduating a year late.
    I was a quiet girl who no one knew existed that also took college classes. My senior year I only attended school one day: graduation. I think my name was listed in the commencement book with a question mark
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    I find it kind I interesting a lot o skippers and "troubled" people ended up in nursing. Maybe I should start another thread but for anyone who is still following, but what motivated you to go to nursing?
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    I was the new kid all four years of high school, which made me a social outcast. I always wanted to fit in, but by the time I found my place, my family would move again. Despite being constantly uprooted, I did manage to pull decent grades, though.

    I always thought that after high school I would go to college for computer programming, but what I really wanted was to be a mom. I didn't end up going to college after high school, but I did eventually become a stay-at-home mom. Once my youngest hit middle school, I decided it was time for me to finally go to college.

    My pursuit of nursing came after a bit of soul searching -- I decided to go to college, but wasn't sure what to pursue -- but the real turning point came when my son got sick and spent 10 days in the hospital. After a discussion with a wonderful PCT, I decided healthcare might be a good fit for me.
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    Skipped every class except AP mathematics and choir. Hung out with seniors and college students. Dropped out at 10th grade, got my GED and started working full time. Started college at 19 and graduated with a B.S. in Biology.

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